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Dounia Douara - Ep 20 - الدنيا دوارة الحلقة

dir="rtl"اشترك في القناة الرسمية لـقناة الأولى: المزيد على: الأولى | حصريـــــــاًقناة الأولى ذات مرجعية عامة تنتمي إلى القطاع العمومي، تقترح برمجة متنوعة تهدف إلى الإستجابة لحاجيات الإخبار و الثقافة و الترفيه لأوسع فئات الجمهور في المغرب و باقي بلدان العالم.ـــــــــــــــتابعونا على:Official Websites | | Live on AppStore | Live on PlayStore | | | #Aloula #الأولى

Ali- B

should koby keep the beardthat's what they told me to say


Man poor fucking cell soldiers getting toyed around.

omar_ wx

من عربي

TrollDetected 26

The hype is with you Guru.

Eriny Mikhael

could u guys please send me a t-shirt I watched all of ur videos



I got a five dollar toy

Sami Khan

Basic White Girls entered the chat

Jeremy Eastman

This was so funny!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Benjamine Whitfield

I'm so fancy

OTP Mitico

There are more easter eggs, like the Fed Ex box

ParaNormal Activity and Mysterious Stories

amazing game on a huge screen.

Johnny Johnny

"You know what makes a queen a queen?"


Nearly 12 million subs



Abraham Asfaw

FAKE: Scientists have proven that pandas can't dance like that this whole video is fake

cruz ;ス

Holy cow! ateez literally doesn't have any bad song

نجمة الصباح


Digital Doughnuts


C Burs

Ty raised the middle finger in the thumbnail

You gotta boyfriend, I bet he doesn’t kiss ya (muaw!)


Anyone 2019????

Eric Marengo

Hate this video stick behind the camera

Oh wait I don’t have a boyfriend... Cause in 4:04 the location was Manila and Manila is the Capital of the philippines and i saw the philippine flag on 0:07🤔🤔

Slimey Gamer

Who watches Dude Perfect videos instead of doing homework? Me lol...Any small youtubers wanting to become friends? Subscribe to me and I will sub to you!

Nikhil Niks

do badminton

Pikes Peak Jeep Rentals Maniak


Evolution_X 430

Please tell me that the last Easter egg made everyone laugh

Filip Žák



HA Infinite Warfare is on the coffin XD you just earned a subscription!


Where are you? That looks like a BeamNG.drive map

Robert Pusateri

Out of hete

Heidi Christensen

James Corden is the luckiest man alive. Loved it.


Great video like always, but about "secret life of pets" it's most likely they just re-used the model because they're lazy


fidget spinner comfirmed in next hitman! 12:01

TheVideo Commenter

have a dank day

quest 77051

i am the 42 million and ONE subscriber lolol

fitzij fjernsyn

In 1943/BC2 its just the swedish flag, at Operation Metro it was the Swedish and Danish flags and in this episode it was the Swedish and Nowegian flags

Bonita Barton


The Etrain

Omg i am 11 and I know how u did the foam wrong u need a cup with a thin tub on top so it can shoot out not with a cup it won’t shoot out duhh

Roy Joseph

do a giant football video

Loocjan Trzebachlebanieba

This voice at the end?

karissa aten

They do love you that is why they gave you up for you to have a better life.

Crack Unicorn

,,help me !" 😂

D Antonio

Whach out rko out of no were

Guy: touched baby



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