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Duke Nukem 3D Episode 1 Playthrough 100% Secrets

This is my playthrough of the episode 1 L.A. Meltdown of Duke3D in Come Get Some -difficulty. I collected every official secret areas in this episode aswell as trying to get 100% kills in each level but missed couple of monsters in E1L4: Toxic Dump and E1L5: The Abyss.

Maxwell Lynch

No New Yorker’s heart skipped a beat. Ny’ers are tough. They’re not a bunch of pussies that need counseling. Guaranteed there were bystanders going by just like a regular day. Keep your sympathy to yourselves. The only time ny’ ers would be shocked T a standstill is when we’re not being taxed,charged or cited for anything.


rose looks like karen gillan so much :O (amy pond from doctor who)

JJ Pulse

Baker Mayfield

Landon Brazier

Who is the panda!!!!!!

australien kangoroo12

Chaad! Come clean this up! 1like for poor chad.

Wyatt Moberly

Ty you cant beat Babe Ruth

joey mason



I am a crazy introvert, I always make weird excuses why I can’t go to school, attend parties, and also sleepovers, like “Sorry (Let’s call her) Sydney I can’t go to the sleepover because my dad has work, and I am very sick”, And for school it was “Sorry, my mom and dad had work so they couldn’t drop me off”, parties are worst, there are some people that you don’t know and some people there will embarrass you.

Help me... ;-;

Chocolate Panda Wizerd

Every minutevideo is so touching right yo the very soul, so inspirational love it!!

Just your average YouTube subscriber

thought they made a porno

A Sissy Metal-head

Ok, Karen, put down the keyboard.

Nora Bear

If I was Jaiden in that situation with the guy when he said all girls are selfish, I would've slapped him so hard his wallet would feel it XD


hmmm santagato 

Arabella Rein Mendoza


Blake Hurlburt

Aaron Rodgers


I dislike this voice acter lol

Patricia pena

Can't You should be your self

Diana D

I also deleted all my social media and now my grades are higher and I feel more happy

Pete Kachew



2 million of these views are just from me replaying lol


The semi final was the saddest moment in football history

Rebecca Rebecca

My name is Rebecca


I think people should stop being offended and hateful on Halo 5 and look at the great things it gave to us, free dlc, a great multiplayer, an awesome campaign, a new style of gameplay, and more of Chief being a badass 😁

Nico Lehner

This was like a black mirror episode 😂😂

Miles Edgeworth

Where can I get a Polly?

A Petrecca


Ari Akumahou Lee


Reapers Ambience

The emotion in her voice just made me cry, I’ve never experienced the death of a loved one besides pets (and my uncle who I never really spoke to) but something about it just made me so sad.

11:27-That's also in MGS1 and MGS4!


I distrust this after the creator of adidas was in a video “in person”


Seriously ever since I lost my save for this game I no longer have patience to play this anymore.


EXPCalibur hmm... Sounds Like Excalibur.

LUTH Zedine

Who is behind the panda mascot

Megan Burg


Roman Black

The new Frozone 2 looks great!

Noah Andrew

Independents day was amazing, and Liam looks so much like Chris

Erfad Kifli

nice syot


Lil skies be looking like the clown from spawn with that hair




Θα πεθάνω τεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεελιο lovey lovey


2019 anyone. This vid is old but still great . :)

Ofek Mammon

I want to find and hunt down that “father” guy. Who’s with me

Spooky Kush 696969696969696969696969

dang, you must work hard for these Easter eggs :p


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