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Economic Development & Institutions: introduction to EDI

Institutions matter for growth and inclusive development. But despite increasing awareness of the importance of institutions on economic outcomes, there is little evidence on how positive institutional change can be achieved. The Economic Development and Institutions – EDI – research programme aims to fill this knowledge gap by working with some of the finest economic thinkers and social scientists across the globe. The programme was launched in 2015 and will run for five years. It is made up of four parallel research activities: path-finding papers, institutional diagnostic, coordinated randomised control trials, and case studies. The programme is funded by the UK Department for International Development.

Fariha Mohamed Hilmy

I remembered being discriminated as a foreigner in an international school before. It was horrible but I managed to tell my parents about it and they told the counselor to counteract the bullies. Glad that poor Russian girl made it through in life! :D

Imator Kid


Ethan: thinking about messing up his credit card history I don’t think this is gonna work out..

Games Plays Loko


Frosted Flakes Eater

Who the hell is Chick Fil A’s mascot. Imagine they get a damn cow🤣🤣

MarkToons HD

People also call you a stranger when they ain't know you...

Super primal Man 235



wow i never knew this


Kane's ghost is tea-bagging lol 5:51

Clam Dog

Why would I sit in the middle if I can stand up or walk

Serge lbaka: led the league in blocks and steals


Coby is like chandler from mr beast

Michael Knezevich

KOWASKI YOU LITTLE HOMO and gumball i could see it coming

Rohan Young

Usain bolt

JS Transport

Purple hose




its funny how he just had a pistol with him


Tony is no BullS@&^ he's Real and humble warrior!,... also looks like he Is a great guy and an absolutely great human being,... great fight Tiger!

Joshua Torres

Ok cool.

Chinmay Shetty

I think they should film with dangmattsmith in a try not to laugh challenge

Frazier mcdude

Kd ain’t even okayin

1 day ago (edited)

Teun Visee

i see you 6:03

Angshuman Sarmah

What a shocking ending!You will get it if you read the description!

Rina V.

If you’re on an 18+ dating app, be prepared to run into creeps. You wanted to download it in the first place, so proceed at your own risk and don’t complain.

Cami is a Gamer kitty

😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I a-*trafic*shut up tráfico so l am scared for you


that is the Corpus Christi hooks

Backpack BOI

Hold on This Private Jet is on my way😂

Zac Lodro

Why the suit tho?


You got a basketball hoop..... On a football field...... WTF

Trent Goodlamb

Has anyone notice that Elsa was wearing a ponytail instead of a braid while she was taking a swim?

Çràzy Bóy

i have join

Matt W

my fav shot was 60 yards


I remember when I used to think funwithguru was the channel with "professional" videos.

yesenia martinez


What Boi

give me hate but call of duty is a really shitty game.

Original Family Productions

I’m not adopted but I kinda feel the same way because I look more like my mom who is a white woman and I don’t look like my dad who is a Mexican man plus my mom has blue eyes my dad has brown eyes and I have hazel eyes and I feel like I don’t belong in this family! 😭

Savage Cortex

Pop out the hardest ft. NBA YOUNGBOY AND NLE CHOPPA

This is what i have to live with..

Randy Satterburg

Hey is panda a boys or girl

Julio Orihuela

Su sometenfajo

maria nogales

Rude lady


0:10 leprechaun

Jack Sharvin

How many people viewed the paradox video before you revealed it?


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