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Economic Inequalities - Developed & Developing Countries

This video tutorial looks at the economic inequalities in both developed & developing countries.

This video is pretty good. Although wonder is the better one, I highly recommend this video. Don't judge other people by their looks. If different people have different looks, that doesn't mean you can judge them for who they are. They are special in many ways and one day, you will realize that this video can help you in life about to not bully people. For those of you who watched wonder, you can tell that Julian was bullying Auggie because of facial difference. He then got sent to the office in which he then got suspended by his actions. Jack Will was also doing that as well. Auggie got very frustrated with his friend and he told his sister Via that Jack said that if he was Auggie, he would kill himself. This movie is wonderful and also this video.

twisha Sanghavi

Thank you for a like

Mindy Butler

Could you do just cause 2 Easter eggs and show where they are on the map again


no i believe that the chest is not an easter egg.

cindy david

I just loved how he call humans aliens

kalpana somesh

Dude perfect come India Karnataka Bangalore jalahalli

No dip shirlock

jns production foto grafer vidio shoteng

Aku juga pernah bisa tapi cuman 1kali doang

Erly Yusti

Exited yeayyy. 🙌

Greninja Gamer

Stan Lee we never thought it happen until it did😭

Cha Tee Kwang



1 like = 10,000 stabs to the stepfather

O título e em português mais não tem áudio em português

May Cheung

A113 can be seen in Monsters Inc. It is on a door when silly steps in. It's obvious so go find it yourself

New Crest

How much money you earn per video??

Isaac Soccer Freestyler

This vid was made on my bday

yatharth p

Panda is the old guy

Verneri Kotalampi

next Bo3?


Please dude perfect do more trick shots with guns and bows

Garrett A

Hilarious vid! Crazy to see the protagonist of a movie force himself on multiple women.

ofelia balderas

"us working together" Yeah i don’t know....

Branton McMahan

Let's face it! Ty and Gar are more gifted than every other member of DP combined! I'm sad for the twins!

Karma Bae

(Quote from the Doctor)

Jason Sirois

It may not completely de-confirm it but the movie did contradict your reasons pikachu might be Ash's.

Công Trần Đình

Viet nam

Jillian Quinones

My best gift in the world is to see my family happy and healthy😀

Gul Yasmeen

Who is behind the pandaDudePerfect

Josh Therrien


Gamma Blast

13 year old: i was 5 and it been 9 years since that happend. Wow thats really good math you got there

losing they're eye sight?

Llyr Davies

That sounds like abuse tbh

Benjamin R.

0:00 is that hair I see?

One expression. It makes me sad

an orange fox

Cody:sponsored by pubg


Almost all easter eggs are references to GTA SA Myths!

Peachy Leaf


Blake Hood

Purple hoser rules 😎😜😎😜😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 you rock

Sarcasticism Java

Adapting meme reference to your comment is so cancer.

beste gn

ok noel is hot daddy but nobody talks about cody HE'S A REAL CANADIAN OLD DADDY


2:41 Wait, isn't that Tower Bridge?

Day five: a little



Syifa Boai

keren coy

Spidergod 77

My mom has the same glob

Sgt. Llhoyd

I wish you make billion sub and like

Izabela Wais

wii stereotype


if anyone noticed, at the point of 2:11, South-West of the "Player's current position" and you can see something Guru has hidden. ;)

Asian Loves Cats

3rd woman, I bet her house could fill in between the gap of her teeth

Sid Nadimpalli

Cool guys, those trick shots were cool. Do more golf trick shots, because I play golf.

Hermes Amendt

on begin

card B Ayo

What kind of parents poor girl 😔



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