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Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions

033 - In this video Paul Andersen explains how heat can be absorbed in endothermic or released in exothermic reactions.An energy diagram can be used to show energy movements in these reactions and temperature can be used to measure them macroscopically.Do you speak another language?Help me translate my videos:AttributionTitle: String TheoryArtist: Herman Jollyof the images are licensed under creative commons and public domain licensing:"File:ThermiteReaction.jpg." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, August 28, 2013. User: Herbert. English: Instant Cold Pack, March 15, 2012. Own work: Herbert Haacken. English: Low and High Form Beakers, October 19, 2011. Own work. English: Mescaline Extracted from Cactus, 100% All Natural., [object HTMLTableCellElement]. Own work. Thermometer, February 2008. Own work.

Heart breaker 22

I was born in Puerto Rico to and my kinda jlgy to but I don't care I just live life

Evelyn dos Santos

my mom laughs at me and say "help is for crazy people" so.. i regret telling my parents everything!

Amarsanaa Lhagvadorj


Gandalf is a wizard

The editing combined with that music is just astounding <3

Andre Rebelo

Não da

Second of all I'm 18 what?

Rilee Harrison

Wow a B I shouldn’t criticize because you were raised different so unless it concerns your health please don’t be so desperate about a B, but I understand in a way. No hate, it just kinda agenda me a bit.

Vaishali Vira

Who is inside the panda pls tell

Even I wouldn't get that pissed over a suit and I'm poor af! Especially if they offer to wash it for me, that's a kind thing for them to offer.

Riley H

Cody and his DAD look like TWINZ


thank you for that

White Face

Lmao i dont want kids eww.besides its not like im gonna get a husband or anything im to ugly HAHAHAHHAHhhahahahah 😄😀😔😞

Mia’s World

Ohh nooooo!!!!!! I would rather watch Daniel Cohn trying to belly dance in a movie theater than this

Ivan Nevarez


Will Hamilton


Lil Leviticus

Mr beast bought ur book btw

Dogburp XX

“Hold on, this private jet is in my way.”

Calvin Murray

do a celebrity edition

Reynaldo Deverajr

Yay minecraft

Riley Hope

here's my one question. How does she have a phone?!? SKSKSKSKKS

montey grove

Don't git to close

vaseema miran


3 Guys One Game

I would love to do it, but I'm only 12...

Paulita Mocca

Im crying while i see this.. Every word reminds me of myself

tinned tomato

Your the 40000000 subs

Give me the tea



Jesus loves you so much run to him and he will give you everlasting peace and rest God bless. Love you

James Lee

Have been waiting for this about a month or so.....

أجمل حالة وتس أب

شتركو بقناتي

Ben Richards

Trick shots are only the tip of the iceberg

Lemon Nightcore

You remind me of Kawaii~Chan

shay schooley

Over promise and under deliver is Microsoft’s slogan. Does anyone actually believe Halo will play at 120fps even at 1K?

Sas TV


Rafael V.T

Every Woman= I Will Give Birth To The Best Baby In The World

Reid Patrick

epic bruh moment.

anonimous crack

A mi me gusta alguien pero no se como decirle

Kurdistan Jaafer

Harry is so funny

Mohammedi El Mochoui

WOW im 8 and i weight more i think im 40 \46 pounds and she is 20- wow thats BAD

Prawny Cox

Underwear? (Le Gasp) UNDERWEAR?!?


The musics doesn't fit very well, i think a more classic music or a calm one would be better for this kind of video.

Jack Pasey

Cody hit the first pose in round2

Bl Sg

Do your next athlete video with Zach Ertz

Laura Hernandez

5:19 he didnt even hit the button 😂

kyler magneto

HARRY POTTER i was just about to watch it

Legoing Studios



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