Aha development

Energetic Spiritual Cleansing/Limpias Energeticas (lecture 7-1)

Dipali Dutta

France is going to win

Marley Thomas

MF DOOM does not belong next to all these terrible songs

DS Nik

Too short :(

or Google Gravity

Me: my ❤️ loves a team

Say no to that idiot a**hole who you think is in love with you.

Matthew Raya


jasonhenderson 9840

Yo bro watch yo jet

Donovan Mullen


CMZ neu

I need to know what was the surprise! it's killing me


ElSa JusT gOT HoTter

2 R

Amazing human

Fuke Gewgelplus

2:12 removed in a patch ugly treyarch



Cameron Rosser

An older Tom crus


The stars f**king suck

Billydog38 Newcomb

Do a video of you throwing a football 80 yards in to a basketball hoop

k a y r a a

My grandpa passed out beacuse of thre tumor in his brain.And i cried so much while i was watching this video and remember how much i love him. I miss him so much.

Anastasia Wulandari

Oh my 😍

Jessica Everly

Did Tanner says Cystic Fibrosis?


dude u can say what ever u want but that it sounds the way I thought to is true so u fuck off

Peachyy Edits

This is so true xd


I love these videos

poop mcgee

Haha if only it looked real... and notice how the ball doesnt always disapear when he picked them up

ysvelia munoz

i think Ty needed some more time to fix his Mowjo (mojo) he got to excitedP.s. Garret should've gone with purple Mowzer

M. V.

I wonder if they'll have that Azreal elevator Easter egg in the B:AA remastered version.

Scott Webster

Wht does it bleep out bullies

Jotaro Kujo

BOTW where you see Lon Lon Ranch destroyed


elka mckennaaa

this video is actually so heartbreaking, like normally they aren’t too sad or whatever, but this one broke my heart 😭💔

Andrew Holyhead

Im team Coby and i still believe in you Coby! You will win one day.

Priscila Ana

That is not stuid it cool actually cause you have super power you can understand anything even if a robots talk you know what it saids




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