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Everything Wrong With District 9 In 3 Minutes Or Less

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Today we have a new "Lowest Sin Count" movie, as we gear up for Elysium by taking a look at director Neill Blomkamp's District 9. There were sins, as there always are, but not very many.Remember, a sin count is not directly related to any kind of overall quality score. It's just a list of sins. No movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we recount next? Merch:

Maria M

not good enough ig

Oops Gaming

2019 anyone?


lol the fish one is in borderlands 2 as well

nose cómo me llamo

Se me cae la gota 😢

Kyle Kessler

Hey dude perfect. There is a small YouTube channel called Kids on point that are really inspired by you guys. They just hit 1000 subs. Why don’t you go check them out

Skelett 11

you are level 30 OMG :D I'm level 8 xD

Marcos Antônio

Algum br?

Soumaya Bouzaienne

Je suis une française

youtube master


henri hakso

Well that was lame😂

Tommy Perry

Me to

Billie eilish is king

I wanna be his friend


Jonnymanzeil you suck

Skullface 1000

Never had this happen to me because I don't wear bikini's😁😁😁😁😁


Ethan is going to have a Rabbi Suck the babie's Cock. its Tradition to have the baby Sucked off by an old fart and give him HPV.

Shouko Chan

I'm glad the story is from Philippines 😃🇵🇭🇵🇭💯

Sandra Houle

Was that weed

Zuemy Carely Medina

Thank you for helping me with my promple


I cried watching this..

Benjamin Lutz

everyone that hit the dislike suffer from a minor case of shaky hands

Emma Smith

Who is taking care of her now?

Meng Vesal


Edwin Keizer

I’m am a you game

durley gameing

He awesome

I legit cried watching jungkook,

Bailey Wallace

Love the Toby Mac

alex a

want full credit for Kawhi if he shuts down Kevin Durant in Game 5, who has been out with a calf injury for a month and is suddenly playing finals minutes.

Dev Duvall

R.I.P the old guy


U r so underrated..

Kgololo Phuthegang


Jane Jimenez

Si ves este comentario que Dios te bendiga ❤️

Love 4 Lotor plz

Your mom

Sundar Maruthan

Yeeeeeeeeeee😆 the increadables are here

M-AXT FighterCrow

That gnome is from left 4 dead


I haven't even seen Black Mirror but now I am curious

Alaya Aquino



Thank you for all the hard work!

GamingWithAngelina GWA

Poor Mary, she was innocent.

Justin J

Where did this series go?

you earned a sub

KitGaming Gacha



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