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Evolution of Boybands - Next Town Down

Rock & Easy - Next Town Down's latest singles available now! Rock & Easy everywhere: respect to some of the greatest names in boyband history. There are some big shoes to fill, and hopefully one day someone will add us to their evolution of boybands music video... here's hoping and thanks to everyone who helped us put this together!Songs Covered:My Girl - The TemptationsTwist And Shout - The BeatlesI Want You Back - The Jackson 5If It Isn't Love - New EditionYou Got It - New Kids On The BlockPoison - Bell Biv DeVoeEnd Of The Road - Boyz II MenI Want It That Way - Backstreet BoysIt's Gonna Be Me - NSYNCBump, Bump, Bump - B2k ft. P. DiddyStory of My Life - One DirectionLyrics:I've got sunshine on a cloudy dayWhen it's cold outside I've got the month of MayWell I guess you'd sayWhat can make me feel this way?My girl (my girl, my girl)Talkin' 'bout my girl (my girl)Well, shake it up, baby (Shake it up, baby)Twist and shout (Twist and shout)C'mon and twist a little closer now (Come on baby)Come on and work it on out (Work it on out)When I had you to myselfI didn't want you aroundThose pretty faces always made youStand out in a crowdLemme tell you nowOh, baby, give me one more chanceTo show you that I love youBut now since I see you it is onI want you backYes, I do nowI want you backI don't love herI tried to tell myselfBut you can see it in my eyesIf it isn't loveWhy do I feel this wayWhy does she stay on my mindAnd if it isn't loveWhy does it hurt so badMake me feel so sad insideIf it isn't love(The right stuff)First time was great timeSecond time was a blastThird time I fell in loveNow I hope it lastsI can see it in your walkTell 'em when you talkSee it in everything you doEven in your thoughtsYou got the right stuff, babyLove the way you turn me on(Oh oh oh-oh, oh oh, oh-oh)(The right stuff)It's drivin' me out of my mind!That's why it's hard for me to findCan't get it out of my head!Miss her, kiss her, love herThat girl is poisonWhen I can't sleep at nightWithout holding you tightGirl, each time I try I just break down and cryPain in my headOh, I'd rather be deadSpinning around and aroundAlthough we've comeTo the end of the roadStill I can't let goIt's unnaturalYou belong to meI belong to youYou are my fireThe one desireBelieve when I sayI want it that wayTell me whyAin't nothin' but a heartacheTell me whyAin't nothin' but a mistakeTell me whyI never want to hear you sayI want it that wayCuz I want it that wayThere comes a dayWhen I'll be the oneYou'll seeIt's gonna (gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna)It's gonna be meAll that I do (that I do)It's not enough for you (baby)You don't want to lose it againBut I'm not like themWhen you finally get to love somebodyGuess whatIt's gonna be meBaby turn aroundAnd let me see that sexy bodyGo bum bum bumThat is all I want to seeBaby show meBaby turn aroundAnd let me see that sexy bodyGo bum bum bumThe way you're throwing that thing at meI can take it, babyWritten in these walls Are the stories that I can't explainLeave my heart open But it stays right here emptyFor daysAnd I'll be gone gone tonightThe ground beneath my feet is open wideWay that I've been holding on too tightWith nothing in betweenThe story of my life I take her homeI'll drive all night To keep her warm and timeIs frozenThe story of my lifeI give her hopeI spend my loveUntil she's broke insideThe story of my lifeThe story of my lifeThe story of my lifeThe story of my lifeNext Town Down is the next great R&B group. We- Chris, Malik, Leon, Terence, and Tre’Von- met on social media and blew up when we started making musical.ly’s together. Since then we’ve become known for releasing covers and evolutions that show our unique take on music from all genres. And of course, our original music is what we really love making- feel good music that puts a smile on your face and gets everybody dancing.Please support us by subscribing to our channel and telling your friends!More Next Town Down:Musical.ly: @NextTownDownInstagram: Website: us: Contact@3pt9.comFan Mail: P.O. Box 36819, LA, CA 90036Directed, shot, and edited by Ryan ParmaProduced, choreographed, and arranged by Jared Jenkins

Kaden Moon

I accidentally clicked on this and I'm glad I did

Alexander Carpio

Team necklace

Christian Haddad

FunWithGuru=best finder of Easter eggs


please watch our videos, ours aren't as good but they are creative


Wow u got me scared with that last vid thing

Broken Equipment

Lol his clothes were wet. You can also tell by looking at the suns reflection on his helmet. It's obvious it wasn't a one-take. Just look at the trail of dirt on the ramp. Still cool tho.


"I was ALMOST struck by lightning" Fixed the title

quaran reading

Fuck you people

Nice vid!👍 Im sorry you had to go through this. Xxxx

Evander Brandon


Nuggets Buckets

Now did Tay Tay follow broady??


Any rage monster in 2019?


Gaming with M

Tbh i relate


It’s hurt to know that her husband had a mistress and at the same time I felt happy for her because she made the right decision. She’s a strong woman and a brave one. I salute this kind of person.

gets spoon


Why do you have Adam Sandler as your profile pic


Welcome Panda.


I'm Dude PERFECT lover

Jay's Brick Co.

2:01 🎶we'll be there


In Chamber of secrets, The part where they are having a dual? Yeah, you can see another Draco. Look closely if you can find him

tons of mods/ skins.../maps...

Yianggo Amanatidis

Same here

Melissa Miller bro



There's a thing called sport bras

Progamer Shoron


Emmanuel Macron

Très marrant.

Taris Saunders

Everyday I wake up and I’m terrified to go to school if something goes wrong I start to panic and I feel like throwing up and I won’t breathe properly I almost fainted once because I couldn’t control my breathing anxiety is something I’ll always have which is the hardest part in life especially since I’ve had it for as long as I can remember and it gets progressively worse as I get older.

Whiteboy Chase

Do they actually have a softball team Also 2019 anyone

Blob Glob

I wish there were more Easter eggs to add to the eruption of the volcano and Godzilla

Foxstar Animations

Is it bad that when it was still portraying it as if he just broke up with her that I was thinking that he had a right to leave her because of how she kept comparing him to other boyfriends? Probably


lol i had a gatorade commertiol

Fs Ds

كفو استمر

Sean Waterman

Team Coby all the way

Tigs C

Is it just me that hates being centre attention like teacher asks me a question and I wanna curl into a ball and die ngl and I FIND IT SO AWKWARD MAKING FRIENDS ! I like have about 6 friends who I can chill talk with but with everyone else I’m like NOPE. I don’t like going to events where I don’t know any of these friends if I don’t then I just stand so awkwardly when talking to people. I also don’t like taking calls as I feel like I don’t know what to say ! I freak out if my friends are like hey wanna face time! If I see someone from my school in town or something and they are not my friend I WILL HIDE it is not worth the awkwardness 😅 Is this just me to other ppl do this ?




This is how many people actually commented the songs | | |\/

Andrew&Michelle MacNeill


Turboturtle Fan WAW

2:00 RIP NIP


Tyler looks more like his dad

GS world

Who is here after australian open 2019?

Coffee Eats food

Just go date moto moto

Destynie Leijon

im 14 with bipolar disorder and i had an episode last night, what she says is true, but it doesnt always last for weeks, mine last for a day or two, at most a week, its hard to explain because everyone who gets them has different ones from what ive seen, mine are strange but this video reminded me that i dont have the worst of it and that i know how to work with mine, even though im not old enough for meds


This is how Barney should have been. A huge killer dinosaur that jumpscares you at random moments


seriously though nice video

Robyn O Reilly Higgins



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