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8 Tips for Parenting Teens

Teens can be difficult. Here are 8 tips to make your parenting more successful in the long haul.Find discussion questions here: TRUTH is a video channel of Find series resources, including workbooks with discussion guides, at

Nancy Babeu

Canada all the way

Kaat P c;

“I lost my beautiful hair to cancer.”

KJ Vlogz

The Giant game is : FOOTBALL

Nolvia Ramirez

Yours videos is cool tyler


0:45 What is he doing at the left?😂😂

Shimrbae 482

The female protagonist is so damn annoying that it made me leave this thing here because if they end up together I'll feel so bad for the poor guy

Uncle: HEY guys i got mufuins

George Jay rabang


Bryan Knapper

My foot got struck or I think it hit like 🔨

Rayane Van Dessel

you are aswome


Jimmy's jersey also reads De Santa, a protagonist in red dead redemption

Emily Black

the blue hoser


who wants to play

laaliisaa Maanoobaan

god bless the girl. she had done her best and that was brilliant. i mostly see people having troubles and i wanted to help them but my sister or my parents would say to no mind other peoples business. i know youre not allowed but atleast there is something i could do to help

Umm, maybe get a job?!?

2:28 nacho libre



Andrew Lopez

The hammer is for their partnership with the hammer game company

Mastaan Qureshi



Jess H

@HauteLeMode please react

Candy Ze queen

Loves how she uses the girl with glasses as some one who is less and i have glasses... AHHHH MY SELF ESTEEM HAS BEEN SHATTERED :'3

Tien Setiawati

Sorry forgot to ad a question mark

Krish 555v

Are you all brothers or Friends????


Doctors feeling; Look at the thumbnail he‘s showing you his Finger 😂

Shawnice Lawrence

You guys were friends for 8 years and she cut you off and called you a liar?? I would’ve slammed the door in her face.


Great another min of my life wasted... next make this video with a bowling ball and make it last over 30mins

Rumaan Techno

My favorite😍💕 4:18


hey you should do references in the tv show the amazing world of Gumball! they're pretty good with references it would be cool to see them.

Angel Bentancourt

Hey guru i love your videos. You are amazing. But i was wondering if your profil pic its from true detective???

5000 subs With no video



i have the same story as her . i wouldn’t say i don’t care about my bio mom but my step mom is really everything to me . i’m really happy to have her. 🖖🏻


yall should play in the nba

Imagine Kitten

Interview cigarettes


Multiple save files? I've been wishing for these since the days of Gold. Some since Yellow.

natsuki _playz

I saw a green hair is said bijuu mike


500 fall damage. He couldve used a lucky launch pad


Fake Privat Match...


Pan man🐼

Blind Heart

I think its not real 🙄

Эрик Григорян

Эти ребята походу из другой вселенной! Как вообще можно так сделать?!?!?!

Mike Barbera

Get out of America you Mexican

Sabien Khan

I love you all


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