Aha development

FISH - Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization

Literature:Bartlett, J. M. (2004). Fluorescence in situ hybridization. In Molecular Diagnosis of Cancer (pp. 77-87). Humana Press.

Icy Storm

The reason people hate dubs is less the voice acting but more about how much they changed things from the sub


Superduper Lexii


مشاهير الكونغ فو و الاكشن هوليود

العربي لايك


The best

Nancy Tan Li Yen

dude you must have more subs than pew die pie make more cool things than pew die pie

Hasan Uddin

2019 anyone

Shin chan

Im august 2018 anybody is here.....??🙄🙆‍♂️


2018 ???


One like

Joris Bergman

Bloomoington Bros version is way better


im not creative

loved thé ending when he just didnt give a fuck


lincbake795 SCS

Me if I seen the megladon alright take em out do you hear that oh crap it's huuuge

Alex Ellis

Great story! Very inspiring

Emama Shah

Highkey bars


I love how this is setup!


Damn Guru incredible video I love your work

JC Yau

Me but I watched it years ago

Cool rock puppy 101

Wait dan is not your brother ?!


The way she says Pro Anna Account is so t h i c c

Edit: Sorry If I made you cringe :/

I didn't know what to write

Ashley Tew

you are welkem

Blue sonic 36 gaming

Who just came here to see the custom Sprinter logo

#chezka blink wolf

Stick that old thing 😉

I kinda regret doing this but it I


DO another one of these is the "new" (newer) spacer


I have some of your very first mercy it's a snapback hat with a small logo in the bottom right corner

We come from poverty, man, we ain't have a thing


3. More. Days

Chilling in the comments

I relate so much

noah ragsdale

Look buddy its not a game his daughter is dead in real life.

Potato Aaron

You guys should play basketball


You know this is going to be a disk free console if they are talking about no load times. This is how drm will be implemented. This wont be the first time microsoft has tried this

Enas Khalil

So cute


Go away evil dogger.

Sydney Harrop

They used anOlympia!!!

Humayra Hossain

dude perfect

carlos castro

those graphics are absolutely amazing

Joe Trujillo

Im in 2018


when i typed in facepunch, it turned to wood

Caroline Port

I love the sweatshirt

I can't make a normal bowl of cereal



Izaya Wilhite

Ah Cowboys Stadium

Tahirih McLean

No one, thus far, is more deserving of the "Hot Ones" award.

Hidden Blade

frozen was the worst film that disney has ever created, musics every 2 minutes. i almost fell asleep in the cinema, boring storyline

Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

Struggling with Anxiety is one of the worst things in the world...and I should know...

Sophie Bryant

Super Awsame

Fabian johnson2.0

I want to see tie with out hishat

Arslan Adil

I love cool notcool

Tori Peregrina


Potato Pants


Cheers SportsBar

the size of the vase is why it did not work ,, the water has to be poured in fast and the top of the vase needs to be a small diameter to build some pressure



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