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Food Is Weird: Understanding Agriculture in the Developing World

In which John Green flies in a helicopter with Bill Gates in Ethiopia, investigates a new form of cursing, and discusses agricultural reform--specifically, how the UN's World Food Program is trying to improve maize yields in Ethiopia. If you can break the vicious cycle of low incomes leading to low harvests, agricultural productivity per hectare (NOT HECTACRE) can increase dramatically, as we've seen in China and Brazil. It seems boring, I know, but this is a big reason hundreds of millions of people have emerged from poverty in the past 30 years. So hopefully it will happen in Ethiopia! But, as usual, the truth resists simplicity.FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS ARE ALLOWED TO BE MORE THAN FOUR MINUTES LONG.The Gates Foundation: United Nations World Food Programme: all those extra letters in Programme, United Nations? AMERICA CAN SPELL PROGRAM IN JUST SEVEN LETTERS. WE'RE NUMBER ONE. WE'RE NUMBER ONE. No one reads to the end of the description so I can just ramble on down here and say whatever I want.)

the majestic patatoe kid



so crazy


Thi video has made me want to replay the game again.

+ views


1:05 the attack alone xD. no offense .-.

Camryn Ginley

I’m still scard

Darcy Kipnis

Your not ugly unless you beleive it. I know it sounds cheesy, but its true.

29:01 This is the truth,

Ian Hanlon

Those were some rusty sheets blowing in the night wind

Taffy Faffy

Bad = Dab

The StopMotion Guy

I thought what ty through was the turtle

vlogs by tamia

She bascily said she got bullied for being a bully

Andrew Penrod

i didnt get # 7


Why in trending?????!!!!!!??!?!?!


now we need panda edition, where whoever is in the panda suit does trickshots and ty is in the panda suit.

Gabrielle Vaughn

Yourthe best ty


i play as her aswell

durga aryal

dp vs avengers

Victor Leal


Reynolds Wilson

Knew it was checkers

Joet Wendel

jasson aldean

Hina Yu

Wait wait what. You're 18 and you were married? What. No one's mind is fully developed until 25.

Riaz Hussain


i didnt care about my birthday or any gifts until my mother got a new kidney on my birthday, it was the best gift could ever wish for, my mother getting a new kidney and finay being abe to do stuff normally without thinking of going to the hospital every single day just to get the water she had in her body and be tired all day

Pedro Ruelas

Best YouTubers ever


Recommended to us all rn

Isabel Gonzales

We should all know what we are worth😖🤭and never put up with peoples shit



Adam Brenneman (Student)

Petition to get this in the movie.

DaFlareWolf Playz

Omg... I’m so exited

Jacob Bracamonte

It’s a Disney princess animated movie, not endgame

Earthrage Gamer

the Double engine rocket can be a hard evidence to prove the earth aint flat


who is watching on 2017

Clemrudo *

Single life is amazing

casa da diversão lu ma


Amelia Velázquez

Definitely the avoidant one

Joshua R G

Lol i drinked a full cup of coffe and im 9

Marley Vance

Sounds and feels like you're just bullied inside your classroom by your classmates, not by the entire school!



Lexi Santos

I love myself even though I look like a bUrNt cHiCkEn nUgGeT

Girl : NANI!?!!? Oh hey I lived..

Ian Fleming

Hey did you know you can craft "Longclaw" in the Witches 3? Its not just the name, it looks like the sword also

raul el pes

Who is the panda


lol 😂 😂😂😂

KnR ReaperYT

But really do love the game

Desperate Boy

The weeping angels still creeps me out today

But just in 2 weeks

Reign Drop

I watch the other one with tjayy


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