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Friday the 13th: The Rights Issues holding back Jason

Across twelve films, videogames, comics, novelizations and original novels, Jason Voorhees of «Friday the 13th» fame has killed hundreds. The only obstacle he has yet to overcome, is that of corporate politics. That is what is preventing new Jason movies from being made, and as of Halloween 2017, we are officially in the longest strecth between Jason movies in the 37 year history of the franchise. In this video, we will look back at the franchise, its transition from Paramount to New Line, the crossover with Freddy Krueger, and explore the corporate and legal issues which are currently preventing more installments from getting made.Cuts in the Friday the 13th movies detailed:subscribe, and follow us on Facebook: Facebook.com/Groups/MidnightsEdge

Sandhya saroj

Tumhare jaisa koi nhi 😗😙😗😙

durga aryal

dp vs avengers

أمير سيف sdf

تكرما كيانك كر كسزرنكيكنzosgxvz

Girl, I'm so high right now


I’m surprised Chris Paul didn’t pass the ball instead of shooting 😐

Ñåñđäń Kûmâř

Try cricket shots like that....?

superme savage1400

I'm a boy but that won't a lot so we w0dont now much

Owen Sechtman

I have anxiety to... And I'll tell you that is how it feels. This video is 100% legit


That is some beard.

Fraud Fraud Fraud History said that they died at 1970s Fraud


holy moly your voice is amazing! so smooth haha. maybe you should talk in future videos? anyway, loved the video!

Fatie Estrada

I wanna see the behind the scenes of those lyrics on 1:56

Oumama Khatun

Mat Stonie would easily crush that


I'm crying of laughter


put speed on 0.25 and pause at 2:44 and look in the monsters mouth

Samæl Morningstar

try emilia clarke,jason momoa and elon musk

Bella Hunter

I liked the vlog

Fred schoenmaker

Do in 2019 and 22020

Julia Grace

here i am five years later and honestly the air traffic control tower shot is still one of your best trick shots ever :D

Rikardo Rvszo

3:40 BRAWHALLA!!!!!

Kawaii snow pup

Idk why but that boy reminds me of someone..

Julie Rodriguez


Red Rules


Bob Cena

Parkour zone

Turtle Hurdle

Life lesson: Don't bargain with people in life

KiKi Weston

You should race electric scooters

Blame Mick Thomson

Looks nice but no Steam no buy thanks.

Joshua Maki

the dinosaurs were found before bf4 was even announced


Great work as always guru!

Kidz Ballerz

2:14 anyone realise that Brodie wore 1 sock?

TuanVN 2007

Meme Review Time !

Isaiah Scruton

Seattle Seahawks


Ca in Constanta:)))

Pepe De Frog

Do you see your boyfriend

Bas •

I have been (accidentally) watched these attachment-thingy videos for, unfortunately, quite a time... and I must agree that this specific one is the most interesting, if not intensifying, both visually and perceptively, to watch—as much as that I fell the sudden grasp up my spine that "the specifically person" is also an "avoidant" as bold as mine (but that's another story anyway).

Toula Mavrick

2018 anyone



Randy Biggs

R3dconverse thinks this is fake, i dont, this is amazing

Kyla Marie Ambas

but im single, why am i even watching this

sttv music bd

wow 🤷🙋😊❤️

Iris Loves

This is heart warming ❤️❤️


First luv ur vids :)


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