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US Military Soldiers, Airmen In Airborne Operations

U.S. Military Paratroopers and Airmen participate in airborne operations during Battalion Mass Tactical Week.Footages include: Paratroopers load onto a C-17 Globemaster III aircraft; Paratroopers sit inside the aircraft before airborne; Air Force Capt. briefs paratroopers; Paratroopers stand and move to the door before jump; Paratroopers jump out and land at Pope Army Airfield.AiirSource Military covers events and missions from the United States Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard.Visit our channel for more military videos:& share this video to show your support!Subscribe to stay updated:SrA Ryan Green

Serinde Le Hanie

I am so sorry 😭😭😭

Justin Trudeau vs Donald Trump

Kelvin Kuek

what is the name of the song at the background?

Yohanes Denny Christian

Draw of My Life - Starbucks owner version.

Linda Beeman

Fish licker

Alex Lynch

Lol Bethesda love the name "Raven Rock".

Assam Citrus

looks like a giant p*nis emerging from water

Sophie's Dork Diarys

Me: sees the title

Sean Harbison

Ah. The good old days.

Trash Dan

There is Google space and Google gravity


im sure that there is more to BF1's easter eggs, DICE wouldn't leave the legacy of BF4 to waste


nemo trixo

Chapter 9 music is my jam

Kelly Baxter

kristin looks beautiful in everything!!


Great video as usual Guru. And can I just take the time to thank you for sharing your music taste? Flippin dope stuff. I doubt I’d ever have heard of great artists and groups like Sampha or Injury Reserve otherwise. Thanks and I hope you’re doing well bro

puppy lover

Who's the panda

Something is coming.......

Who is watching this in 2078?

DSX Vehicles

Wait People still play this dead game?

Jonathan Soto

great video as always

Keira Copeland

Who the heccin heck is cutting onions?!

Renato C.Francisco

My God! Guru Kid is the Best! (hehehe)

Biggest Stranger things fan

Trees are animals homes


Being 13 was my worst years. Being 14 is better but also the year where I had to go to 2 funerals

Its Mya

I’m 12, never gonna have a kid. EVER! To much work. And gross.

Doctor Laughtor

3:17 when your mom wakes you up for school even though its a holiday

Ya Boi Alex

This whole video is faaaaaaaaaaaax, especially the intro


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