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RESIDENT EVIL 2 & DEAD RISING: INTERVIEW - Terrence J. Rotolo (William Birkin & Frank West)

Terrence J. Rotolo is the voice of the iconic Frank West from the Dead Rising series & William Birkin from Resident Evil 2. SUBSCRIBE: Interview's with the cast of #RE2►to the ROE Podcast on iTunes► ROE PATREON - ROE DISCORD -ROE MERCH - ________________________________________Terence J. Rotolo► Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - SOCIAL MEDIA @ROEnetwork🚪 TWITTER -🚪 FACEBOOK - TWITCH - INSTAGRAM - TOP PLAYLISTS📺 ROE Popular Videos - RESIDENT EVIL: News - RE2 REMAKE: Discussions - ROE PODCAST -ROE LET'S PLAY - Team► J.J. - ALI - - - #residentevil2 #deadrising #roepodcast


I knew it was checkers


Why is this in my recommendation 10 years later?

Ammar Ameen

Who else here before Avengers: Endgame? AHH


Shut up...


Battlefield is a better multiplayer experience

Pepperoni pizza man

Just wow 😲 this is so stupid I hate all of these stupid illnesses that are not cureable


I dont remember ever seeing that area with jar jar in the force unleashed.

Pam Pam


Jomel Bacalso

Give also tip to your random subscribers 😄

Mike G

global warming is a hoax, a money grab, a political joke , and everyone knows it

ps3 cost less.. what do you need more.... Fuck my english

Justin Campos

I wouldnt believe that they dont play with this for hours after a video

Chae | Kciig

love the yeti and great white one

Carmen yinett Betances franco

Me en canta esa cancion

Angela Benyamine

Producers:How much do you want to confuse people?Disney: YES

The coaches should be bringing them both off the bench and keeping the chemistry that the old starting lineup had going. That lineup that played the Blazers was really geling, then they broke up that chemistry to shove players who haven't played in over a month into the starting lineup.

Lord Keaveney

Oh yeah yeah

Motmot Sanchez

resort stereotypes.please.

꧁ EDITOR ꧂ new



is it me or is the fricking panda in every episode

andell bobier

We know your name Joseph Allen! Salute from Philippines!


Everything could've been on strings so they landed in, and moved too look legit

Brendan Brady

Back in the days before women lusted after male feminists with skinny jeans and consent forms.

Willow Tinklenberg

Has to be between the legs

Ricky OHara

Back then they thought throwing across Ty’s backyard was great but now there throwing form bleachers to a hoop in a nba field


Fire Baller 1O

Go to to Kings Island


you give jump scare warnings in creepy vids. i like you. subs we friends now.


They must be using the Nova

Oven Bread

Anyone watching this in 2018/19

Kieran Mcewan


Arji Kusi

You never put my story on minutes videos, why?


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