Tdk development


Development of the Heart [1] | EASY Heart Embryology!


man i miss this game,

Wacky Footage

What if Ty made the mobile swisher but didn’t swish it



Shaq GasEngine

Lol. This BS passes for Hip Hop 😂 FOH

alma santiago

hey is dis really or not cuz ay want it


2:17 the guy sounds like a dad

Dj Rico

The moment the vid started i knew it was Kim Jong Un

Miles Newton

mrs awesome for cody

Red clouds

this game is fun but the ps4 version needs a patch because it runs like shit... I'm talking way less than 30 fps at times.. only game on ps4 with terrible frame rate issues

RJ Mariscian

@nikefresh210 Stop Being Racist Please!


Awesome video!! What an epic last shot!! Keep posting love it!

Nathaniel Kinsman

My favorite shot is making it rain

Pedrinho Plays

holy crap, what is that voice??????? (instaboner)

Mr Boring

Would’ve never guessed you be a fan of krit !

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you do in videos so much. Honestly, your drugstore favorites video changed my beauty life. I naively thought all make up was sorta kinda created equal so never took the time to investigate (i’m a masters student so I don’t have the time either). But I decided to take your word for it, took a list of your reccomendations to the drugstore and now, after 12 years of haphazardly rubbing stuff on my face and having drawers full of crappy products I finally realize that creasing/flashback/pores showing are not things that just “come with the territory”. It wasn’t my technique, it was the products. So I threw everything out, only use Tati approved products on my vanity (I’m a concealer/mascara/contour and a bright lip kind of woman so the essentials take up almost no space and my make up time has been cut in half) and I look better than ever. Thanks again!


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