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The science of attraction - Dawn Maslar

View full lesson: chemistry is all about warm, gooey feelings that gush from the deepest depths of the heart...right? Not quite. Actually, the real boss behind attraction is your brain, which runs through a very quick, very complex series of calculations when assessing a potential partner. Dawn Maslar explores how our five senses contribute to this mating game, citing some pretty wild studies along the way.Lesson by Dawn Maslar, animation by TOGETHER.


정국이 왜캐 귀엽지?

Ryan Randleman



cake scene from matilda, right?

thomas fortner

i want to u guys one day u guys r awesome

Vic Rodrigues

11/06 🔄 DE 15 👇👇 has 200 likes

You smart

Ravonies Ravenshir

Can you show us why White Phosphor is so bad?

Protector of the commonwealth

I know but he could never speak before

Badgirl Gaming

Last one looked so fake


Hey my birthday is March 24 as well.



Ty become a Seahawk

Joyce Coates

my mom's dog got bite in the back of the hade , dog rotty

Lakers Fan697

they have muscle?

WildBoy 9000

Luv the song


Nice Dunkey clip

Wrestling Bull Session



'New Zelda trailer is out!'

Sarah Brownhill

Go shopping

Rainbow Lilith

I have panic attacks-and I stop breathing in class as well and on top of that it’s only because of a teacher I had whom constantly yelled and blamed me for my friends actions



Erica Thompson

The canue one probably

Lizz. Beth

Why is the voice always the same

Sad Gacha Movies

Why does everyone on this channel have the same voice..?

Marco Palacios

You can spot a controller near the end of the movie, could it be how the ps5 controller would look like?

Siya & Varuni

I'm super excited!!

KSTZH squad

I remember watching Toy Stories When I was younger(I'm 13).Did they re-launch the toy story series?

Cody Roberts

Wheres Curry my favorite

Charlotte Williamson

Roses are red Tomato's are toYay I have a likeWait why is it blue?

DigitalFilm JamesT

Uh? Dr. Goodhead? lol. Back when Moonraker was made, they weren't calling blow jobs back then "Head" or "Giving Head". That came later....But its still funny.

O h m Y G o D...

MR Foxer

Why didnt he use flextape?


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