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Can We Expand Our Consciousness with Neuroprosthetics?: Malcolm MacIver at TEDxCaltech




Yaneth Hernandez

I had this experience when I was nine..

gave zachary lazarito

Cody your so dumb

Monkey Gamer

Codys awesome

Jericho Jim

4:03 that put me on fucking red alert in the game because I was thinking "oh fuck me, one of these naked loons has a chainsaw?!"

Jaelyn Loves Chatham!

Sleep over stereotypes?

AblonPhadella Jaherst

what did these guys make deals with me or somethin?

laura van gijn

Wait isnt this yt channel called MINUTE video's..........THIS IS FOOLERY. IT ISNT A MINUTE.........X3


Welp im a psycho

Alfie Falkingham


ankur das

why action figures

emmet quinn

empire state building

Evan Winterhalter

u guyzz r beasts

Fotios Periklis

Now I know why my friends don't like going on walks with me..

Rose Carter

That story got real I was even about to cry thinking about if that happened to me😩😩😩😭😭

GD Brutalix

This is surely dude perfect. 👌


At 1:09 Cody almost hit him with the glove

Chowdhury Knit

I almost cried


Dat ending doe

deepanshu gupta

Guys I love ur videos U r just amazing

Ahnaf Khan

animators: "so what's the story we're animating?"directors: just shut up and yes


texas rangers

Sandberg 05

But if you rewatch a vidio

KiiTE dinamic

taylor swift

Abdulla Alzarooni Alzarooni

Boyfriend sips water

Dude Perfect

SUPER EXCITING!!! You guys have made this the #1 Sports Game on Android!!! Thanks for all your support! And we hope your bracket is doing better than ours! - Dude Perfect

Bhuvan Anantham

Because of 3.06 Coby lost

Edward Duplantis

The one with the ball on the end of the arrow should be called the Flying Arrow Ball

Trisha Arendaeng

That a sad story

YT:(drake saying yes)


Team Shatter Train


Never ever fly to Prague, it might look nice with those old statues and other things, but they scam tourists so you better avoid that place.


awesome video guru I appreciate your time in making these videos

1819 P6A 27 LI CHIYO

This girl’s attitude is just.. just

Huskyfishfan Gaming

That wasn't perfect cuz it hit the backboard

Yoseph Hamid

what is a quiet bond rating

Northey Design

I actually think commentary would fit in quite well on your channel. Your voice, alike text, is very soothing and so I would have no problems with hearing it in more videos!

Soz ꧂

How long has this been on trending?


Whoa, 115 degrees!


Leftist/ t series bot Libtard/NPC

So a buzzfeed sjw femnazi

Sophie Bruno

do another thrift haul!!

Anh Đức Lê

One of the first and best Dude Perfect video I have watched

Sloopy Clooka


Kornel Paroczai


FaZe Legend

This is 😞 sad like if u agree

Bespectacled Badger

This left me in tears.


omfg if the beginning story isnt me

Deppressive Dude

Guys cut the meme comments and pls bring up comments appreciating how good this looks, cause it does.


did you just put h3h3production theme on your intro?

Victor Strange

Who's watching this in 2016😂

Nichole edwards

What I have

john farrell



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