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Two Styles of Management : Theory X and Theory Y

Theory X and Theory Y were first explained by McGregor in his book, 'The Human Side of Enterprise,' and they refer to two styles of management – authoritarian (Theory X) and participative (Theory Y).In Theory X ; management assumes that workers: 1. Dislike their work. 2. Avoid responsibility and need constant direction. 3. Have to be controlled, forced and threatened to deliver work. 4. Need to be supervised at every step. 5. Have no incentive to work or ambition, and therefore need to be enticed by rewards to achieve goals.In Theory Y ; management assumes that workers are: 1.Happy to work on their own initiative. 2.More involved in decision making. 3. Self-motivated to complete their tasks. 4.Enjoy taking ownership of their work. 5.Seek and accept responsibility, and need little direction. 6.View work as fulfilling and challenging. 7.Solve problems creatively and imaginatively._-_ Subscribe: Like: Join: For more contents:@ Skeletal System : 206 Bones of Human Body:Why do students fail in University Admission English?Oxidation and Reduction : Electric Cell : @ First World War History in Bangla : @ Organic Chemistry : Atomic Structure : @ Metals and Metal Compounds : @ Confusing Prepositions- In Bangla@ Confusing English Words (In Bangla):@Bank Default Loan (Details) : Bank Default Loan Figure : Bank Rate, Call Money Rate and Interest Rate: Bangladesh Bank : @ Marketing and Marketing Mix (4Ps):Theory X and Theory Y:Bureaucracy vseconomic growth:Three strategies to win the Election for Any Country: Economic Growth and Development:Soap and Detergent : State of matter :Acid , Alkali and Salt :

Jackie Arellano

I just got dumped myself after 3 years and when I saw this I thought yay. I can relate to someone else but of course he died and not Just left you 😭

Raza Rahman


black X Gaming

Love your videos


The first thing that I see when I open Youtube. Not disappointed tho

Sarthak Jakhmola


Samantha Douglas

Tyler get ricked

Samba Ndiaye

the last one


I feel so bad for what happened 😢 Poor friend ....😥💕💓💞💛

XxkillerslumberXx X

People make fun of me for looking like Edward scisorohands and baptismonfire had a child least I look like a queen


This is so old and a bad camera Like if watching in 2016 they are so much better now


Everybody hug the companion teddy.

Kulwinder Rathore

Dude perfect 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

Zander Foster

The genius editing really makes it

Corey Sparr

Halle Berry is a Savage!! Crushing it!!

Grace the Pastel Gacha

Just chew nicotine gum a lot it's easier


This is so sad can we eat my ass and bomb tilted towers?

Edit: i fucking loved this season they pumped up the depression level to 11

Şükrü Yaman

Ne bağırıp durursunuz lan

Apple Queen

And maybe in the long run you saved her and her baby

LOL that's what my teacher said

Alex Bennett

The effort that you put into these videos is appreciated mate 👏


simon and harry were the best lmao

Ron Todd

bestvideo ever

Batty Ghøst

This reminds my life as a kid tho teen. My father is and still a alcoholic/drugs.

Ryan Alonso

Cool dude perfect

Agnes Moita

what is the first anime ?

Little Forest

the music, the animation, the colours !!!!


When babaies bite a lemon 0:33

martin Carmona



"victory trust fall!" Love it

mohimen tarek

I still can't believe they didn't hear about non spillable bottle


yes it is


Daim the last one was cool and mysterious


1:00 stop shooting the balls!!!!

Benas Šulinskas

Omg... I feel so sorry for you... I hope you'll beat cancer! Sending prayers too!

Gabriel Schmidt Simon

I heard the Slipknot


Mr. X following you

Daisy Bailey

I want to slap him so bad


Michael Cosaboom


Bianca Campbell

Idk something about her is just annoying


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