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9 Game Titles That Are More Awesome in Japan

Videogame titles are sometimes rejigged into superior game names for the Japanese audience. Or, in the case of Japanese games brought to the West, the Western market often winds up with games whose names are pale imitations of the originals. Consider the 9 Japanese game titles that got most lost in translation. ---Outside Xbox brings you daily videos about Xbox 360 games and Xbox One games. Join us for gameplay, previews, tips, guides, interviews and more. Find us at to us at Like us on Facebook at us on Twitter at

mr Butter cz

Iam chaos opener

Thali H

Rule #1 never put your face in it

Carter Woodgate

That was eggselent



Kim Yoney

The overtime intro song is stuck in my head

oyy lumo

DJ khaled blesses you. here comes another one. &another one. & another one.

Ashley Gonzalez

"My grades were dropping." A- BRUH I HAVE A F- WDYM!!!!

OmKerupuk TV

100 try : 1 success


Part 2 is out!:

fabi alexia Rojas flores

Den le like si entienden español

Casey Leloux


James-Lachlan McCallum

In the Game of Thrones Monty Python Easter Egg, how do you know what he's shouting? Is he shouting in some known language? Just interested as I don't quite understand the Easter Egg ;)


Thanks for giving me a count down from the jump scares 

AD Bassin

I’ve been there

theUltrastupid769 /Thierdy

Dude perfect Do Wives Edition

sarah mank

I thought she lost weight ?

by any means rosto

Guy who pushed him is a part owner of gsw banned for a yr an 500,000 fine


Im the cart rider probably

Robot _507

the longest alley oop is the best dunk

3: When they try to hit you, grabbed the sharp metal object and block where they are going to hit. It will hurt.

Melanie and Elizabeth 11/9/06

Apple guy

Jim Bob

this story makes me happy I'm so glad you helped her X

Trevor Mileto

I'm such a rage monster. Just... Less violent.

Keenan Bredekamp

i realized the poster in the backround of samanthas room is the same as the one from the alcatraz easter egg

Jonathan Ferrufino

I don't know if I ever commented this but I love, LOVE your style of video editing. Its so clean and keep up the work! I was subbed when you did "Top 10" easter egg videos

Ethan Botelho

45 million subs unmask pandas 🐼



flug sly


US Government: f yo happiness

FORTNITE battle royal videos

First one wasn't swish by the wau

Darrius Jones

5:43 you did not knock a pin


5:46 Rip GoPro

Diego Flores

chuncho weko

Sarah Game

2:30 "even my clothes were getting smaller" that means your getting fatter dont it??

Kim Jong Un

It must had been epic.

Ferenc Kementzey



Hmm so real, am I right guys?

srsly its like that


I just need Jamie Foxx to be rolled out in a giant tennis ball trying to get “trick shot” by Serena 😂

Landon 5456

She is cute


No balls were harmed in the making of thisvideo.

Netra Patil

Hi sir I am Aastha your fan from India


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