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Gas Exchange in Fish

Another video on Exchange!In this video we examine the gills as an example of an exchange surface. We also discuss how fish pass water over their gills and how countercurrent flow maintains favourable exchange of oxygen.Made for AQA AS Level students studying Unit 2: Variety of Living Organisms.


Team necklace

Henry Michael Lowe



Nice dude perfect is so probably millionär

Marian LA

Unpopular opinion: Boys manipulate girls' feelings for sex all the time, so I see no problem with girls using guys for money. I personally don't want to be in that type of relationship because I can make my own money and I have too much pride to put up with an arrogant guy, but if other women want to live this way, I support it.

oovoo javer

I’m 10 seconds into the vid and my name is Sophie and my BFF is Jenna lol

Kawaii Cookie

Sorry to break the flow of emotion, but did she tell all of this to her boyfriend or just stare into space for 5 minutes?

Emerey Garza

You should really make a Fortnite video of someone playing fortnite and not stoping until someone get a w

J.D. Garvin

After the video ended I was all excited jumping up and down waiting to get Halo Infinite

Chai Song

*cooks Thanksgiving dinner while in the theatre*

Samuel Govinden


Royce Sapitanan

dude perfectmaybe woulde make a video that tony s rage monster style ps like tony

Rosa Susana Castaneda

Go Coby!!!!!!!!

Courtney Milam

Cody's rocket is a US Navy AIM 64 Phoenix missile

Cħeяяч Qυαятz

no Steven universe fusion temple? dude, they saw it! even the cliff shape looks like the fusion, and I think I saw some small restaurants and buildings beside the cliff!

bix Youngren

What do I search to get a mini tramp like that

2pac run California 2pac run California

I feel you j stone I lost my mother and uncle since Nipsey died shit have not been the same in the black American community come on black women and black men we have to stop getting are black leader killed

hi ivan

He is panda

Ethan Liang

I need this


i hate my job when i see this haha


did they litterally build all of this just for 3 rounds?!?!? wow

nut in palm

It's called a reply button.

Oliver O'Neill

The car was a mercadies

amos boot

At 21 the panda is behind cody and garrets head

Shadow Silhouette

You guys are AWESOME!!!! My favourite vid has got to be flip edition and fav moment was when cody did world record shot 1st try! Thanks so much dude perfect!!!

Aayush Jaiswal

Next: Kylie Jenner, youngest ever self made billionaire. Please!

jhessy carrillo rodriguez

There is sound in space its Just that people cant hear so they use machines


boasting is not the way to go


So, where's the easter eggs in this video?

joshuabooth top10andinfo



Funwithguru if you wanna find some glitches or maybe play some games please message me :) on YouTube or Xbox


When will Deadpool Easter egg series comes out


your editing is just pure gold  />🍔

Eva Feltrin

Black mirror in one episode be like

toxic miranda

I was on the verge of tears, so true.

Sagnik Sengupta

USA sucks but not DP

Nahka T

KSI is just all about money. Trash

Anya Zhang

Next video: My grandma is actually my aunt who is actually my son.

Irving Chaves

Guys plz what's the song at 3:58

MadamWolfGaming V

Great disney story

4 minutes craft

Love you gies you are awesome

Joseph Baumer

In the first experiment you used peroxide that was to weak

kekeloveskpop 16

Oh my... Thanks for making this video.

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Ruby Tacchi

I want your sister to be with you much.

brett sawyer

same as Stephen Curry

Leona Kraljić

This girl care more of her hair than her life. She can die from cancer and she falls into depression because of her hair!!! 😑I will never understand some people🙄


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