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General Principles of Hemodynamics

Subscribe to the drbeen Channel HERE: more content from drbeen, click HERE: drbeen videos HERE: drbeen on Facebook HERE: drbeen on Twitter HERE: drbeen on Instagram HERE: new medical lectures across your devices. Stream anywhere, anytime. Try it for free! principles of the cardiovascular system.Organization.Heart as two pumps. Series and parallel circuits.The chemical composition of the venous and arterial blood. Blood flow direction. Various pressures in the cardiovascular system.

Evolve Daily


Itz_Gamer Kenny

Healthy? I don’t think having depression is healthy and trying to end your life? I think she might need to change her description on healthy.

Merlin Jebaraj

Coby won a thing the childrens heart


What the fucking Camra

Raynell Siener

paul thats a person

Jack -

6% chance of having a babie? If you have sex every day, some day it has to work, doesn't it?

Bmx boxter

You can see the alien with the North Yankton glitch now :D

Lizzie Jackson

was anyone else surprised when marbles could actually jump on to the couch is is that just me

Gabe St.pierre

Battle winsTy:9Coby:0Cory:1Garret:2Cody:4Guest:1(Not this one)


Why dosen't anyone from this channel play in NBA!?


oh my gosh, I am amazed no wonder why this is one of my favorite movies I thought I was just taken by Johnny Depp. I am going to do these videos a great idea to bring comfort and peace to the entire world. Thanks for creating this video.

Taylyn Cook

Did your cancer make your skin turn colors too?

Claire Trestrail

i love your guy so much because your m me funny😛💜💝💘🐼

Angel Thorne

on the serious sam one when the faces came up I was already scared from a video I watched so I scrolled all the way to the commets DX AND almost had a heart attack :,(

Rasheed Matt

I don’t even know how to hold the cue properly.

Ikrram Babe

I ve got mad anxiety after this

Jessica B

Please do a video where you talk about bronzers and contour (especially drugstore)! I always want your opinion on them but they are rarely in videos.

The Cringe Artist

Everyone rlse: ;c

Ben Pushka

Please let me wear a kilt <3

ZuHeY sO rAw



u have a noice voice

Anesu Thabede

where do we buy these planes

Declan Dent

roger federer

Mal Duggan

You need a girlfriend Ace. Top video though.

diggs05 man

Whaching in 2018

sidra agha

your life is more important then your hair. ik even imagining loosing hair is terrible but its not only your hair that stands out. its your personality and your beauty inside out. i hope you get better. keep fighting



Sylvie Wei

dear tati would u like to try some chinese brands ! Please do Judydoll and Perfect Diary !! Plzzzzz😃😃😃😃

Novo Sempre

Who never played halo and now wants to know what the fans get interested in it?


2019 ? Where are you guys ?

Blake Long

Dude, your content is so great. PERFCT editing and great music too! Keep up the great work man!

But bf1 is like real life realistic gun sounds and realistic physics

Kimberly And Delaney Rendon

What song is this


That ending tho :D


100 million views wooooowwwowowowowowowowoow 😯😯😦


Top 5 scariest zombie maps and why. Pls do that next


Tyler andCody was myfavorite

anany ranjan

Coby's finale performance was amazing

Danielle Bradnum

It's supposed to say pogo

pug gaming

roses are red

mun mun

Must be pretty humiliating being KIA by a icicle

דורון פדר

Actually. The entire map is from payday 2..(go bank job)

Mikkel hoyer

the guy in the right side and the guy on the left side look like they are twins.are they?

Sonia D

I can’t believe this is the least viewed video on their channel...

Dude Shut Up

My dad has emotionally abused me from age 4 to 11, now i’m 15 and i have been in a relationship for a year now, i love my boyfriend, but i have this feeling that he won’t like me cuz i don’t look good, or he will forget me, or everything is my fault, and the sad part was that i always told my mom about my dad but she didn’t belive

Aden Tomys


Everyone was reunited...what was left of the family anyways Give this a thumbs up if you agree🤗🤗

Shubham Mote

Make more

Maddie Jean

I have GAD so i can relate to everything she is saying! It sucks overthinking about everything, but we just have to move on from those dark thoughts, and bring in good ones.

Bear Grylls

@delrobb the reason they wear pads is because the contact is a lot heavier than rugby. And did you seriously just call football a real mans sport, it's full of overpaid morons who spend half their time on the floor crying and before you ask I'm British and rugby is still good though




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