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Glitter Rainbow Cat Coloring, Drawing 🌈🐱 Learn Colors for Kids, Toddlers | Magic Fingers Art

Hello guys! Welcome to Magic Fingers Art. Enjoy glitter rainbow cat coloring and drawing for kids and for toddlers 🌈🐱📌 Please join us for new videos: For our all videos: this video I’m going to draw a rainbow cat. I’m going to paint this cat with rainbow colors. Rainbow cat’s face is pink. Look, how the cat looks around! It looks so cute. I love cats so much! Cats are such lovely animals. Cat looks like a rainbow. Its tail looks like a rainbow, too. Rainbow cat loves to be in nature. There are two puffy clouds. I’m painting the ground with green. Let’s paint the sky with blue. Clouds are pink. This cat is beautiful! And now, it’s glitter time! Rainbow cat is going to be so shiny. I put purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red glitter. The cat looks funny with glitter. Wow, shiny rainbow cat looks amazing! Look at those colors! Isn't it so cute? Goodbye lovely rainbow cat 🌈🐱We made coloring pages with lots of fun and magic for kids. Learn colors for kids, for children and for toddlers.Magic Fingers Art channel is completely safe for kids, for toddlers and for babies. Only contains educational content in videos.Thanks for watching!Magic Fingers Art ♡Copyright Magic Fingers Art © 2019. All rights reserved.#cat #catdrawing #glitter #forkids #learncolors

Chris Levy

I love Ryan tannihill

TomassWeeaboo III

#YIAYjob youtuber?

Auntie M

Of all the things that are considered wrong/sexist in a James Bond movie you pick these? even in the day they were made it was wrong to do, it was just fun to watch JB do it and get away with it cause, he is JB.

fred gaming gold



David Beckham edition

rocksttar 1

Honestly this Channel needs more subscribers i love your content dude big fan since 2011 <3


dude perfect pls performe a video in india,mumbai

Three Amigos

My brother shot a bee out of mid air with a paintball gun first try

Katsuki Bakugou

Nghiện rồi ~~

please sub :(

mark schroeder


Toptop Gaming

It's on my recommended.

Mateo Halapir-Pavlovic


Mad Luna Football

Wait so u didn’t flush

Katherine Chin

You should spend a day with Wattpad authors/ fanfic writers lol I feel like that would be an interesting conversation

VeniiX yt


Ky S

Panda always takes one for the team

princesse .p

At least he wasn't abusive


AC4 easter eggs

Junnior Villanueva


Jonathan Antill

Love the flour explosion at the end!!

JonThe Art_maker

Agh I hate toxic relationships and the people who make it a toxic relationship

Jackson Weldon

Rather have your local WNBA team win a championship or have $5. Lmao



Nine Nan Cake's

esse e o cara msm


Fallout and Metal Gear Solid ah so fall in love.

Indranil Bose

Well, my girlfriend died too. IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE!!! Let me tell you all my story.

Lu G

Can we see a new mode that you can choose which season map to play on like in the playground sitting this you just choose the actual island it would just have normal guns classic ones like the AR the shotgun not a bunch of like infantry rifle scope assault rifle stuff.that way people who start playing season 6 could see the season 3 map where people from season 3 could go back and play on maps that they like instead of having to play on this one which even though it's good is a little lot in not anything like the original.

Caleb Davis

I wonder if Sam compliments his wife as much as he does his food 🤔😂

It Family

Oh yea the us army engineer class takes the appearance of COD MW 3 grinch

Hibana/Valk Main

PlayStation where u at? That’s right.



TheLandex ZAM

Idk why but I feel like you would die if that happened

Baraa Khan

Reactors react to this

Kookie Senpai

My dumbass thought that the story was about a girl cosplaying as a guy when I first saw the title. But this was a much more better and touching story ❤

Amanda Letosky

coby i a dumy and dumb i hate coby hes a hater this vid is fake i hate the vid


jesus christ that dude has a lot of stamina

David Fuentes

Sounds like Winnie the Pooh voice

digi Wolf



What song does he use at 2:50


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