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GM XII Summary and Next Steps - Teri Manolio

On May 6-7, 2019, the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) sponsored its 12th Genomic Medicine meeting: Genomic Medicine XII: Genomics and Risk Prediction. More:

Yarad Yisrayl

Leviticus 19:28

Angelina Misuraca

Oh my gooooooooooooooossssssshhhhhhh


I’m the creepy guywith the pickle in the cornerJUST KIDDING


they should do an offensive linemen version!

naacar fan 1115

You go ricky

Erna Wati

Buat konten trick shoot

Micah Leonard



Either way, Cory would’ve won

Vincent To

I take WAY to many practice swings too😂

Geordi Kinnane


Jibran Fahad

The winner is going to win

Camden Burke

My dad is the phone guy

Jaime Sarro

The only bad thing about dogs and pets in general is that they don't live as long as we do.  Its truly heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet.  My little girl is about 11 years old now and I dread thinking about how the time is going to come that I will lose her!

The king of nothing team

Garret was camera man


not brutal enough and the physics could be better

Melanie Marcellana


Spectral_ Games

Start the matthias channel again

Mr. X

I liked the music and the new format. Good job!

Dark rif

Love what u guys doKeep it up guys

I understand that you have a life outside of YouTube and you may have problems going on and such, and I just want to say that if you do decide to quit doing this... thank you. Thank you for providing such interesting, funny, videos for us all these years. You're one of the few YouTubers I actually get excited for when you upload. You've made me laugh and smile so much for the past couple of years and I just want you to know that. So again I say, thanks for everything.

Blue Wolf

1 like = Bijuu Mike will stay happy forever

Florence Stephan

Can you have a paintball war

Quality Content


Mohammad Saad

your 6-6My head: he’s a guard


Of course white team won. Ty wins or gets second in every competition.

Anunnaki Menagerie

At least the building didn't magically collapse straight down into dust or an invisible helicopter didn't blow a hole into the Pentagon

Nightcore Craze

Stupid doctors they never do anything I know with experience

Isaih Obrien

When there's chief.

Lizzy Glittersalad

Good job I'm proud 🙂👍🏻❤️

Cindi Okoye





This is how basketballs went endangered

Saqib Mustafa

Any One In June 2019 ???When Avengers Endgame is realesed?

Beau Thompson

Team coby


Copied this

Jonah Putman

Anyone wacthing this in 2018?You read that rongYou did toSame

Esther draws

Gee what a let down.

Slumped Up Wifi

Can you do far cry 4?

Moonwalking Maria

wheres the whole fucking movie of bohemian rhapsody?

Hussain Ali

4:33 who doesn’t want one of them

Maxime Brousseau


Abbygail Valcourt

What's that song at 2:37? And nice choice for the first song!

keren castro

que cancion tan genuina te amo ozuna

He disserve it

mohammad hazamah

France one the game last year

Vicente Aispuro Sanchez

Hake pual

Maddie Smith

Telling someome didn't help me at all. I got blamed, yelled at, accused of lying. Telling someome DOESNT always help

Rayvon Loopstok

Can you guys make a soccer steriotypea

Robert Davena

What did ty just do 0:53 Anybody watching in 2019?

... ... ...|',/,/:||:\,\: : : “'~,,~~---,,,_: : : : : : : : '\: : : : : ,: :|

Namy Yumy

HmmmmOkay 😐

Karen Rowland

Dude perfect I’ll Pindia yeah just joking he’s a 😎👍👍👍


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