Aha development

Gradients and Partial Derivatives

3D visualization of partial derivatives and gradient vectors.My Patreon account is at

Gabe Sellers

Wait!! Who the eff has leftover steak!!

Tatiana Santaella

Q linda letra para morir de amor después de Y te vas esa es una buena pieza para el amor

Léo Production

1:27 The sun isn’t a planet it’s a star

Mabel Reodica

Ty’s arms at 5:43

Kalib Alsaeid

Papa bless that song

Carson Evans

I’m 11 and I can swim a mile


I found an easteregg in Black Ops 2. The Guardian has 1.21 GW written on his back.

Hues •

SW Air Max's for 1.7K wtf


Kellie Puleo

BTW it's my mom's account so I always post comments

This v

Daddy Tachanka

If it is it works


Im in level36

Jesse D

Ty missed second base 😂

crystal baughman

Panda is the best maskot ever

BCN Frost

Cowboys 🤠🤑

Lidya Sheikh

In the description it says where you can you submit your story. I think I’ll do that now. 😂

Elliott B

Love the music Eathen Hunterdude that’d perfect

kid_ pizza

2:27 Yoshi, eres tú?


when dude perfect isn't posting

Luna Fox

i have this girl whos the " wheres my cup" guy and she gets another cup after loosing the first one and cant find it, then repeats the whole thing.

Mmmm K

Lol ur probs like rlly pretty

kolanski castro

wow pls faster yes yes yes yes yoohhh

Autistic Dog

I have that feeling that I'm the only one who paid attention to what hand they were using, they're all right handed.....


love the videos dude please do more on borderlands thanks

Courtney Michelle

This is what those falling dreams feel like😩


He almost got stung

Locyer Wilson

that video made me think a lot about everything now i know that its OK to die and if you do you can be with your loved ones and when you do you know that you did something with your life and you need to appreciate all of it

Jordy Mayorga

anybody else notice that Jake from gameranx was there

AJ Flemister

I only disliked this vid cuz the has not pocket smoothie and made me throw up pizza after they threw up...I'm nI t a hater, I subbed

Rosanna Berckley

Why not consult the Dutch?

doyks_ 184


Dem MommaJeans

Why a sequel what's the point.....


Easter egg number 4 was wrong the game was 1943 not 1943

When The Music's Over

What's with the flickering blood patch at 1:15? Is that a graphical glitch in the game or a deliberate design choice?


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