Aha development

Health: An Important Development For Heart Patients Who Need Pacemakers

Stephanie Stahl has more on what scientists are calling a new era of gene therapy.Official Site: on YouTube: us on FaceBook: us on Twitter: @CBSPhilly

oneshotbrooksy the boss

Football stereotypes

Gucci gang

Alice In wonder land

Are there twins I can’t tell if they just look a lot alike or if they are twins sorry i don’t know I’m new to this channel

Richard Gilbert

Check out..... 4 year old builds lego porsce 911 rsr

Honey Brown

they should do michale jordan



wow that hitman easter egg put me in my feels

And I gotta take all they bad asses to ShowBiz?

izzy figgy

I’m eating air

crankup -

Is it just me or the character is just like 2feet tall?

Drew Mohr

Do another duck tank throw

The Real Civilisation

Priceless, in this context, is actually a compliment, meaning amazing, unbelievable or incredible.I don't think you are aware of the MasterCard adverts, because my comment follows the same format, hence the many thumbs up.

s a v a n n a h t h e t u r t l e

all of my friends say i type fast but i dont rlly think so like idk do i or not oh wait u cant see me typing u just see what i type

Jack S

2016 anyone ?!?!

Kristopher Barbour

So did Chandler leave for good?! If he did why can't he just commit😭

mrbeastmode CGZ


Sharie Ann Pontepedra

Natamaan ako dun sa huli lalo na yung learn to loveyourself magkaiba man tayo nabg situation magkaparehas naman tayo nag problema wala lang share ko lang


I’m why is this in my recommended section

God of Dank

The worst thing about your videos is when they end 😢

TheBlueWolf Vamp

Im also glad that your ok but....


what you are saying is not true,the ender dragon came out far after skyrim did and the notched pickaxe has been there since skyrim came out the ender dragon wasnt even there yet so what you are saying isnt true and the notched pickaxe may or may not be related to minecraft nobody is really 100% sure and neither an anyone prove its from oblivion...so what you are saying is wrong just check the release date of skyrim late 2011 and when the ender dragon came out ;)


Video of LIES

badumtss swoosh

check out a trick shot video with a hat on my channel


@IQTESTER44after aLL the videos they have made. i dont think this is fake

issa mental disorder they ain't got a choice

hulk smash

U know juan??

SHIPPA-U Movie ships

Is nobody gonna point out that the phone charge at 1:17 says 70% but shows 20%?

Gigi Brown

I have adidas and I ran a 5k with them

Elisha Warfield

sticky tree frog (check description of video

David Maliu

Did anyone notice that the Crocodile/Alligator is an ally to the Turtles in the actual TV show explains why he was an obstacle and attacked him


Is that empty building DPHQ2 before you guys did stuff to it

zaib nisa

Actually happ- ...wait....

catalin popa

Lol in the easter egg in Stanble

Pro Reviews

School stereotypes edit:WOWW,I never got that much likes llloooolllllzzz

CoolCat Garcia

Wow, look at the video length

My mom? If I say “I think I might have depression”, she will say “你傻的”. It means “I’m just overreacting and stupid”. She wouldn’t listen!!!

sIsTeR SwAGgY aSMr

stop b***lying the video!


I shall now refer to Ditto as Mew.five.


They need to give me one of their onewheels!

Powell .Family

Ahhhhh pokemon GO

davidplayz robloxboyz

Try to see what happens to a phone if you hear it very hot


Damaysha Parker

I feel the way you felt but my parents won’t let me get a pet, they don’t understand my situation

anybody can kill him but they only fear him


FunWithGuru, litterly the king of easter eggs. Nice job finding these!

Vekisha _

Coby deserved it

Akbar Dewantara


Yauney Sikes

Stereotypes of Halloween

The crazy Crew


Paramount Pictures


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