Aha development

Hedgehog signaling Pathway

- This lecture explains about the Hedgehog Pathway of signaling that helps in the development of tissue in animals. The Hedgehog signaling pathway (or signalling pathway; see spelling variations) is a signaling pathway that transmits expertise to embryonic cells required for right progress. Hedgehog pathway is very important at the early point of insect development for providing nearby cells information to differentiate into modified structures.For more information, log on to-Shomu's Biology DVD set here-the study materials here-Shomu’s Biology is created to spread the knowledge of life science and biology by sharing all this free biology lectures video and animation presented by Suman Bhattacharjee in YouTube. All these tutorials are brought to you for free. Please subscribe to our channel so that we can grow together. You can check for any of the following services from Shomu’s Biology-Buy Shomu’s Biology lecture DVD set- www.shomusbiology.com/dvd-storeShomu’s Biology assignment services – www.shomusbiology.com/assignment -helpJoin Online coaching for CSIR NET exam – www.shomusbiology.com/net-coachingWe are social. Find us on different sites here-Our Website – www.shomusbiology.comFacebook page- - www.slideshare.net/shomusbiologyGoogle plus- - you for watching the in details.


After cool not cool I want milk


“How many the little mermaid references can we make?”

Banana Man

4:30 the wood planks look like you know what

charles smith

That dood looks like Bart Simpson

Yoshi Gamer

Pobre barbaro jajajaj

Jorge's Geometry Dash Channel !!!!

1:03 Was This Cory Yelling?



sadhini vijaya

coby and Cody

Bacon Panda89

Brewers hometown

Vanne Charolette

Once I read the title I said

Its Ya Boi chicken nugger


Venu D

l love ty but l say that coby will win

Aaron K

nice flip . . .

Dhruv Sanyal

2054 Anyone?

JL 44



There's another easter egg, the dog Riley, is named after Simon Ghost Riley, the character in Modern Warfare.

Nguyên Ngô

oh my god . Are you okay . That was so fake . I'm sorry . Sorry ! what is that for ! huh ! wow

Seth Allen

Why are not that good in NHL 17


Is it me or does “wave walker” sound like “wave f***er”

Luis Villacis

They started in a backyard and now look at them they are so successful

Prestigious Ant

3:00 does anyone know what type of breed that puppy is?


I feel really sorry for Mike, but i also have a complaint of the video....the hair should be pink

Boy Perfect

That was cool when Cody rung the camera

Please no spaghetti

Jake Kaim


Narberick Ramirez

Rip that tree

lucas smith

23 if youre just counting the walls 25 if youre counting the two bounces inside the cup

Gener Bayaca

That short clip of Alan Becker was real

Mahesh Gurung

Make swimming race video

Stephen Pendarvis

Who is panda??

Michal Kukko



Pretty sure these guys shit all over you... /watch?v=L_YR0749-h4



yugi kazami

Who wants to know the full story?


thats the most beatiful video i have ever seen inthis channel well done thats a good work cause you are perfect DuDeS:D

Lord Blackheart

8:45 metal gear bacon?

Dt Andre

They need to remake the budikai tenkaichi games again but with all tge cherecters and the same style as 3 the same music as 2

Hana Hesham

What the heck happened to the animation the guy has a head that looks like a Potatoe

FatMonkey 4

2:59 Probaly a Komada spirit

Kayla Abrams

He must be gay!

that boi is thicc


Gaming Time

Ty don’t take all of the shots I love dude perfect but I hate ty

Super Awesome 666

Do a trick shot at Niagara Falls!

TakeThese Liz

Step brother : let’s play our secret game

Conor Soldier

Haha, I was glad I wasn't alone, but his parents accept him, and mine didn't, lol. I wish life could get easier. 😪

Me: **Reusing my dried tissue paper

comrad. arkady

No wonder Usain Bolt is fast as

Hazza Cool man

So, basically I watched this a few months earlier. 3 days after, I got sick, ( u know what’s gonna happen ) I went to someone known as the witch doctor. Oh wow we got to the chemist and she said ‘ When do you need this?’ My mum said: ‘ oh whenever ‘ thank gosh we knew her because she actually gave me a prescription FOR A 3 YEAR OLD AND NEEDED TO BE INJECTED! Mate she REALLY Earned her title there.

Abran Lujan

Did skies sell his soul???


How come you never talk


Kermit and I share birthday 🎉

Marlon And stuff

:44 this ain't duck hunt

:you go to the mission of venice to et the seal,then you activete the lever and stare at the water

A Friend

……………… wow. I never knew that the pizza planet truck was in all of those movies.

Emma Staub

2:53 First I thought it was gonna be all the gift cards


where is the slenderman easter egg?



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