Aha development

Ühikarotid - Osa 43 - Must auk

Loengus jagatakse eelmisel päeval tehtud arvestused kätte ja maksimaalse tulemuse saanud Salme ei mäleta, et oleks üldse selles loengus olnud. Jaanika väitel jõi ta ööklubis korgijooki, aga Salme suhtub sellesse skeptiliselt. Algab uus praktika, kus õpetatakse klistiiri läbiviimist. Õhtul löövad rotid ennast aga üles ja lähevad Kärdi bändi kuulama. Kellega läheb Kärt peale pidu käsikäes koju?


I just use a jacket to hide my fatness



Lol, girl u still ugly

Pubg Sharma boi


Before I had period, I had light cramp then at beginning of period, I had really heavy period for nearly 2 week then became mild and neatly at the end of the month it became light it it repeat again.

Naman Mittal


Who did you guys guessed correctly.?


rats with guns xD

Kimora1 Simmons2

This title is a lie


e3 2013 confirms it with a teaser

Jayden Sisk

U should come to Arizona right now


First the Score in Apex, now Des Rocs!

Dinesh Doolgar

The hot man clip shows how woman is penguin

Jesse Hernandez

Did you hit it after?


they were afraid to show USA hockey players because they know Canada is the real deal in that sport.

meenakshi srivastava

stephen curry!


You could get an abortion ffs

Sinister Claws

I swear I here same voice actor every video

me: cry because i always get F's and L's

chash of war chash of clans


Michael Sacamos Parody (Official Channel)

1:23 another Cory's Bottle Busted at the Blitzball Trick Shots 2...

Rogelio Gutierrez


Shaunta N.

1 like = one win for coby I wish hie would win I’m on his team👍🏾😎

Grandparents: Ethan this a textureless egg

Rehmana Ather

cory didnt win in the first round cuz he didnt even parallel park.its sad you guys didnt notice it.

Shrishti Sonker

Bicycle race

Jitesh Kumar meena



i like the part when he threw the ball and it went in

Chris London

Minute videos had a great fall of 235

Person Person person


PvP Rat

Not all of psychopaths kill.... You see in some point we are all psycho, we all got something from them. Some are intellegent, some kill, some doesnt feel, some manipulate people for their own use.... At least thats my theory. For example i use my brain for my own use without hurting anyone, without talking to anyone. But boy if you make something vs me.... Oh boy... Killing isnt an option, but revealing seacrets can hurt more. Hacking can hurt more....


Какие же они ленивые - What are they lazy

Dwight Spradlin

Does That Count As A Battle Win For Coby?


Interesting that Maya keeps getting special treatment in these teasers, relative to the other BL2 player-characters, who have been ignored thus far.

Meekstar 123

Watching in 2018 vibes

Matthew Holmes



How do you find these easter eggs?

John Nguyen

6:55 I had to protect my siser

Jonas of Persia

Come on tiger, the guy is right there, rip his face off, give me something to laugh about jesus

Siddharth Shenoy

What is beta access?

Linda Debelack

She can hardly move her face 😂😭

Krishna Sathish

Still watching in 2019 pls👇👇👇

Eunice_ Herron;-;

Why do they always get babies? BRUH

20000 Subscriber Man with little videos

Twice going techno jazz.




picha para todas esa lokas hasta morir aa

Subir 007

My favourite was the worlds largest sling shot

259 oml

السوشيال ميديا



Tom Hiddleston

CharterCent does Youtube



Duck that's cool

CJ Spragg

When you think about it it was made 6 years ago



It's Me Gaming

If that is the legit size of a megaladon I know understand why they put the 'mega' bit in the name in the first place

Luvkid Nash

Got goose bumps while watching this. Her story is amazing.

Zaid Ali

Blooper was funny


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