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How social media is affecting teens

How are teens being affected by social media? Research suggests the impact is an emotional one.


The lady in yellow is a real one she got blown up and didn't make a big deal about it 💪👌

Clifton Jones

what happens when you put car oil in your vacuum chamber

Barts Kreicbergs

Do video game trickshot

No Reason

Coby charging the mound was my favorite part



tea time with kermit

90% of the comments - Adidas= Like Puma = Comment!

J Grover

who is the dude with glasses



Tin Writes

Omg how in da WORLD did they get TIM MCGRAW to BE IN THEIR VIDEO!!!???!!! If he does like, classroom visits, sign me up!!! BTW you guys should do LUKE BRYAN I swear if you do I will make 100 accounts and subscribe to DP every single time!!!! Make my life and do this pleaseeeee

Rehan's Channel

united best team of all time


Welp. Walmart might have ban you at that time

l lawiett

Was Michael actually trying to light Tanner's pants on fire

Mùffíñ Çúp_

6:07. When did there head get so big???

Christian Lebakken


sucharita dupati

Wheel unfortunate should be renamed as Cory unfortunate


wait it just got unblocked?!

One God21

Garret is German like me


can you make edit tutorials? They're amazing.

Devina Moua

That is life,life is always hard and when you are a parent sometimes life will always be harder and after you die you will never see your parents or your kids too,it is OK support life by liking my comment if you like my comment then you will have kinda good luck support life


Thank you for making this video, I have greatly impacted from it because I am in a VERY similar situation. I’m also 12. I’m already going to a therapist but I’m afraid to tell her everything because I don’t want the abusive parent taken away from me. What should I do?


No body stops KD but KD

I hope you are getting better 😭


A remix of Tom's Diner? Not bad. I remember trying to search for the original song, after hearing it on a radio. It was catchy, I'll admit, so I attempted looking it up. After typing lyrics in google, I found it. Can't believe I forgot the name of it, but I'm glad the name was in the desc. Never thought I'd hear it again, especially not a remix.

Hydra Gaming


Kayla aka Gloria Borger

The toy story scene was so satisfying. I'd watch it on repeat.



Davan Hope

My first boyfriend also did almost the exact same and worse.

Rix IV

That achievement's on xbox too dumbass

Rayo Gamer Hdz

Alv, is a Big dick




You are a mistake because of this story that is fake

kirstie parry

Amazing 😍

Creighton The Wanderer

I'd never even heard of The Talos Principle before watching your vids.

Michelle Park

How does the skin always look so flabby but the meat super overcooked 😂

Mathew Hoffer

At 2.21 my ok Google picks up every time

ariana grande

i have both.. that’s bad.

daz ilais

Did he smash tho?


the music found me❤

Samantha Rogers

I just realised that therapist is the rapist ...


Marc Mulongo

am honestly proud to say i watched all 7 hours of your previous video. it was good yes

JCBK pro

Coby will win a battle

Will Wong

Gears of war Easter is the best

Mr fastball

So you say "eff of, KID?" When im older than you? Lol your parents oughta parent.


Coby winning is the best moment

SwBaMa 23

Dude Perfect vs the Avengers


WILSON!!!!!!!! WILSON!!!!!!!!!!

natalia arbelaez

Any time you win the chalenge for the 1 time


#YIAYjob two toe upper

Gracethefoxgirl YT

They broke a car for this...

daniel mito

like si quieres que unos de los ataques de grokey sea martillaso { like si eres español}

Zach Webb

I want to know how they do this

Im fat


i think this is fake guys...i mean how the hell the wind just stop when the ball is in the air. and dont tell me that they sound it off and turn it back on when the ball went in and make the swish sound

G Fuchs

Mazal Tov!!!!!


11:16 Potential Friday the 13th reference, or just a coincidence?

Cutie nelle

My life is over

Dönner Wetter

I h8 the girl


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