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How to Ace Multiple Choice Tests

Watch more How to Ace Standardized Tests videos: practice tests and knowing strategy are the keys to success with multiple choice tests.Step 1: Locate practice testsLocate multiple choice tests to practice with. Look on publisher sites, school sites, or in bookstores.Step 2: Read all questionsRead all the questions carefully one or two times before reviewing the answers. Step 3: Answer the question in your headAnswer the question in your head before looking at answer choices.Step 4: Read all answer choicesRead all the answer choices at least once before making a selection. TipOften the answer with the most information, or the longest, is the correct answer choice. Step 5: Eliminate wrong answersCross out the answers you are sure are not correct. TipIf you are sure that one answer choice is correct or incorrect, never choose "All of the above" or "None of the above." Step 6: Go back and review answersReview your answers, focusing on any you were unsure of or guessed at. Only change an answer if you are certain it was wrong – the first choice is usually the right choice. Did You Know?Did you know? When a test is well written, most of the questions will be answered correctly by 30 to 80 percent of those taking it.

White Rabbit

that ending made me laughing for 7 mins

Amazing Star

Erin is a professional jackass

Travis Taylor

he thinks he so Cool with his hair

Frances liane Giray

I've been waiting forever

Darius Muhammad

How come ty is always the rage monster

Tri Huaviet

Arizona sunshine

Christina Ettienne

Where do pretzels go on vacation pretzelvania

Abdulmajeed Alturkmani

6.21 is the best

nieves ortiz castillo

Como se hace?


Dying is easy, my friend; Living is harder.

Nolan Stashik

Muselk sucks but that Easter egg was actually really cool

Aseem Pandey

i think u tie rope in that cuddle and hole .. how can u do that...huh,...


I came here for the boobies

Moonman is coming to town

Why did they file a lawsuit to Mojang?


1:35 That face of Brian of losing

Delana Johnson

Halfway to 3M let's get it ATINY!!!


Welcome back to another episode of THAT'S DOPE.

Robert Consedine

How much money was all that gaderade

Hailey Warn

So the people in the story are 18+, and they chose voice actors who sounded like they were from Caillou, WHY?!?

jane jelly caluag

Hello! I saw the Philippine Flag back in the drawing, as a Filipino, I would K I N D L Y point out that the flag was drawn on the wrong way. For us Filipinos,it is disrespect to the flag, I dont want beef nor drama with minuet vids just want to K I N D L Y point out You are a winner I say Man: gets back up to kill me

Thicc Alit

homerun bat.

Synth Love


It’s just a thought... if you want to, maybe you could comment on this? I’m interested to see what you guys think. :-)

Lil Casino

Have lil skies on the show


Duke Nukem: We meet again, Dr. Jones!


Friend: Want $10000?

hager gogo

Stay strong sweetie ,may God take away all the pain in your heart , search for sister am praying for you both ❤️

Caleb Harris

Do one on Amanda Todd

ACTUALLY HAPPENED.... Wait wrong channel

Andrea Feng

0:44 that happened to me once in middle school, but with a richety desk... I hate puberty.

Spencer Drews

You shood do another borderlands 2 one there are so many frickin easter eggs it ridiculous but theyre all very badass

Peketti Paketti

Yeah... iunno

Benjamin Chen

I do centimeters 4:05




I'll play it again if and only if I get to see clap trap make out with lilith

‘ TheFrick3128

I’m writing an essay about the meaning of life. Can I use some of these examples like the rock sliding down the hill in my essay??

Michael Obasuyi

Can you make a tennis stereotype video

Its truly best way to end 2017.


It's too early to be feeling like this, man!

Jaimeyisnasty Fam

They don’t miss

Your comparison of Spinach vs "Meat" was bad, especially considering you did not start off by saying what you were categorizing as meat. You spoke about the lower bioavailability of plant nutrients, but failed to mention oxalates, or the fact that your iron comparison goes down the gutter when you compare to mushrooms (which are NOT plants) or organ meats that top off around 24+mg of iron per 150g of liver, which is almost 6 times as much as the same amount of spinach and that doesn't even account for oxalates (which inhibit the absorption of iron) OR bioavailability, which would very likely put the absorption rate of spinach at anything between 2mg/150g and 4mg/150g, or even less. We don't know, because you did not speak about it. 3. Adds a red thing in blue line :O

Justin Kim

A vulture boards a plane carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess says " I'm sorry, but we only allow each passenger one carrion"! ( sorry I'm late )

Dafne's Channel


Brandon Panfil



this is so satisfying,.


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