Aha development

How to plot any novel in 7 easy steps

Harry Bingham, bestselling author and editorial consultant, explains the 7 key tips to build a strong, compelling plot in any novel. For further advice and talks, book your place at the Festival of Writing 2015: 4th - 6th in York, UK. And watch the 2015 trailer:

Daniel Veas




Juju Cakes

she said she does not like kids but she is a teacher?

ODX Official

Lot of P.T. references, huh


You will fight through this

Sourabh Domadia

Garrett Y do u hate the twins so much, coz u don't have fans like them????

Leviticus Patton

Cats kill everyone

Satbir Singh

Wow 😍

jared berg

Please make another Dallas stars edition

Wendy Wilson

For the first time in forever! coby finally wins!

*stab the man

waheeda yaacob

oh god..so true..it is me

doesnt matter

I love people who hurt me because I have Stockholm Syndrome :'D

I reversed it and sounded like:"we shall feel..."


I think the drone hunting battle with Neff darts we be cool



Dodo magic


Jackie Bros

Sheer flies that your flaws that you bully and you can be boring cuz blowing is that bad what is that girl killed herself ho


Diabetes will kill that shark

Dude Perfect

"Here is Love" by City of Lions - pretty awesome huh?

Seth Burke

i dont get how that was a 10,000,000 points


As your videos become better in editing, quality, I crave waiting for the next episode, probably my favorite channel, and ty for the content.


Make a 2019 version!

Emma Huang

7:04 I think you messed up on Jake's hand


I don't understand what happened to that guy


Samantha Dill

Worlds longest strike- tyler was riding his golden dirt bike from the dirt bike battle.

Alex ander

Lol i almost died in a school fire


아이즈원 팬이고 노래 취향은 블핑 좋아하는 잡덕이지만...

Harut Aydinyan

Like: adidas I always end up hating myself all the time and I tell myself that I'm an Idiot and worthless

Thomas Meyer

Anyone else notice how the ball looked like someone used the force on it when they hit the bottle off the Sasquatch

Sanjay Sharma

Cricket giant trick shots

Yen Nguyen

That all

they love treasure


A.C Clemont

Mark Zuckerberg.

Kitty Collector

omfg this girl is rude... just... shut up already xd *skips half the video*

Joonah Jang

Who's actually IN the panda suit?

Scott Davidson

1 im so fancy 2 ?

below zero

a really good tip for stealth is not to over think it just fuckin go with it like don't plan it just fucking go ....works for me anyway XD

Alquert Delacruz

Creator of Eloctonic arts


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