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How to search a tender

National e-Government Procurement (e-GP) portal ( i.e. ) of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is developed, owned and being operated by the Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU), IME Division of Ministry of Planning. The e-GP system provides an on-line platform to carry out the procurement activities by the Public Agencies - Procuring Agencies (PAs) and Procuring Entities (PEs).The e-GP system is a single web portal from where and through which PAs and PEs will be able to perform their procurement related activities using a dedicated secured web based dashboard. The e-GP system is hosted in e-GP Data Center at CPTU, and the e-GP web portal is accessible by the PAs and PEs through internet for their use.

Landon MegaBoy

Can I have a blitzball and bat

Don Gleanne Grafe

James charles can't do anything like this🤣 James left the group


fart cry 3 or what???

70 Locco

Size 15 dammmmmm get Shaq on this show ples

Cj McClain

He didn’t get the 3 one in time I referred

The minecraft Dog

Do you like the Aggies?

With your powers you could be like Thunderbirds International Rescue.

Mrwali 87

These guys are so wierd


Lost is the best TV show ever. No wonder everyone makes easter eggs for it.

Makayla Day

My aunt had 2 misscarrages. Now i have to beautiful little cousins

THACC Cynical

I'm here bc I this is a classic

Iffah Sami

2018 anyone? Or maybe....2028?

Jorge Baydal

You should flip a fridge

Ángel Defender Light Vlogs


StP WolveZ

IW faleceu kkkk 😂

when boredom strikes

Title: im getting deported against my will.

Garnetore Gladiator

This was my first DUDE PERFECT Video

Magic Man

giant sumo coz Cobywon a battle and at the end they all said see ya at the same timer

Arc Ray

im already loving these internet reference endings, which i wouldnt expect to be common enough.

Acheon Weaver

Now I need to marathon all of the movies lol


Dat Sanic/SpaceJam song is epic

Jae Morgan

go aussies

You and Annie are the best couples

David Anson

Im brittish and i think that the soccer one is the best

Jarmo Verriet

RIP No man's sky 2016-2016



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