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How To Teach Special Needs Kids (and Everybody)

In this video, Joseph from Common Sense Special Education shows how everybody learns in the same fundamental way, and how you can use these simple concepts to teach children with Special Needs (and everybody else!). This is the first video in a series, so subscribe for future segments on Behavior Management, Math and Reading, Executive Functioning, ADHD, Life Skills and Potty Training.Common Sense Special Education offers in-home tutoring for children with Autism, ADHD, and other Special Needs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our philosophy is to look at what's really going on, and make actual, measurable progress on actual, measurable terms. We provide Homework Help, Reading and Math, Executive Functioning,, IEP help, Behavior Management, and Sports Training (among other services). Our mission is to stay FLEXIBLE enough to suit your child's evolving needs, whatever they may be.To find out more:us on Facebook: our circle on Google+: to our newsletter: to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for future videos in this series on a variety of subjects including Behavior Management, Math and Reading, ADHD and Executive Functioning, Social Skills, Life Skills and Potty Training.

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