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How to teach yourself web development

Team Treehouse, free trial (affiliate link)are my tips for learning web development. If you want to design and build great web sites then I'd recommend taking a project based approach to learning. Find instructors that you resonate with, preferably someone you can imagine yourself hanging out with, you'll enjoy learning with them more.Know you learning style, you may find that you enjoy learning web development via books more than you do video tutorials.It's vital that your learning to code everyday at least for 30 minutes! This way you'll gain momentum and begin to enjoy the process of learning and understanding.Lastly, have patience...My learning journey

Krispy krunch

I laughed at Michael saying "sleeping with Pam's mom" god I love that show

Willie Fonte

NO NO THE FUCK NO!....You muthaf*ckaz DO NOT get the privilege of using or giving EXCUSES for GSW because for 2 Damn rounds you all was saying that they did not needn't to win...So STICK WITH IT & KEEP THAT SAME F*CKING ENERGY OK!...smgdh

Lucas Dean

Who is in the panda costume



Colton Brooks

Theme park

Sammy Fernandez

The panda runs so funny!


ok straight up, no one says this shit



Aelis De Staercke

My birth was 23 hours!!!! 👱🏻‍♀️ I love my mom!!!! 💗💗💗💗

Fire Wolf

4:47 on the right another teddy bear

fabian perez

Sou profesor oak is dead ???


And where was Spider-Man to save them?

Roberth Arriola

Y’all should do a game of golden balls

Sara Miranda

Who is the panda 🐼🐼


you thought ty won NOPE! Chuck Testa

Briana Grant

Do NOT let him get top 7

isa far

I just adore this tone(?) of Momo's voice ❤️❤️❤️❤️


The celebration on the last shot was so freakin‘ unreal...

pro gamer xxx

Fuckyou type

Toxic _101

Oh it's a prequel to pacman nice

Millie Meow

i have an ac car but it's big and it's arma senten

Tomislav Gorup

Roses are red, Cd projekt is too,

Dasia Hill




Ra Luna

When sexting you can do the following:

Sho Sho

Ethan= dinkleberg Grayson=Mr.Turner


Is there a single one without wild wasteland?

Steve Salzwedel

I hate clowns

Zach Shropshire

You should do one in Destroy All Humans Path of the Furon, there is an easter egg to Sonic and Mario


Chuck norris can solve a rubbix cube without even touching the cube



Luke Carter

Waz up with the felid goal


The first song is the Black ops 1 theme song

demonitization man

james: Don't judge someone based on they're clothing that's like the most shallow thing a person can do



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