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HUNTING TANKS with the Panzerschreck! Anti-tank Rocket Launcher | Post Scriptum Gameplay

Post Scriptum Gameplay! HUNTING TANKS with the Panzerschreck Anti-tank Rocket Launcher! Post Scriptum is a first-person simulation shooter that provides an authentic WWII combat experience. Enjoy the video? SUBSCRIBE!--------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect With Me!● Steam Google+FacebookDiscordScriptum on Steam!You Can Support Me!Remember to give the video a LIKE and Subscribe for more cool videos in the future. Leave your suggestions in the comments! Turn OFF adblock or whitelist my channel!--------------------------------------------------------------------------GrimyGamer, the best gaming based channel on Youtube.


I need someone to be as excited about this as I am!!!

Hayley Strickland

I’m mr no touchie

Braeden Haines

Can we just take a second to realize that dude perfect's channel has over 42 million subs and is somehow under rated for what it should be? To me that just blows my mind.

Maxie Tolentino

You're too crazy yo!!!!!!

MN Lonewolf

yes yes yes!!! 1000 times yes!


Honestly.. this is kinda meh. Siege is fairly meh too. I want like a good old counter terrorist game without freakin zombies... Zombies are so over done and just dumb. Where's like a revived Patriots? I was so excited for that game to come out and all we got was a 60 multiplayer with micro-transactions. Yay... Where's my Vegas 3? Or something anything like that..

michael eugene


Natasha Daigle

Producers: how many details are gonna be-Disney: nO


So are you as YANKS trying to tell BRITS how to speak english?

Mînk Döłł

@4:23 why she says police officers like that 😂😂😂 “Da police oFfIcErs”😂😂

Cloe C

U definetly didn't fall in love when ur 3. U actually did when u are in your teens


and contractions release oxytocin and oxytocin makes contractions more frequent and strong

Illuminati music plays in the background

Joe James-Nimmo


Judah Grigsby

They should film at roman atwoods house

AlYsSa MoRaLeS

My asthma is bad to I had to do breathing treatments everyday and had to take steroids

Selim Monir

5:10 And The Father Did The Worst Thing To Me At 2:30 AM

Emma G

Oof she thinks that she doesn’t deserve to be bullied about her opinion but she’s fine with the LGBTQ community getting hate


Thanks for responding! :)

Garnet Matson

Hey RJ I can land a backflip like for me to post it.

Eli Littlejohn

The panda is Jeff Toney check him out on Instagram


ughhhh i hate men so much lol no exceptions, they all have the same kind of dirty thoughts. in a shop, clinic or school i will always turn to a woman no matter what


I have put 1000 1s for you all so please subscribe

New world record world's luckiest butterfly


what BGM did they use??

I A_Alhneni7


D. Crossan



Really cool trick I gotta try it

Brother vlogs

garret messed up in the first round but he win?

Jonathan Hendricks

Dude That Was Awesome!

Flaming Dragon


Βασίλης Βλάχος

I have just 2 yay

Watermelons are The best

i can imagine all the pedos looking at her crotch like “ooh yeah give me some of that tonight” 😂😂

pako joe

What a freaking moron... Nice neck tats trash. Is that the best name you could come up with? Polo g 😂

dalton edwards

you should do a spider man one at a trampoline park

Jenny Song

00:00 18+ 😂

shiva k

Rage monsters amazing



But what if this ugly brat that wriyes this tirns into beaity ?


Quality video mate.

caramel lattae

well then... who tf were those two characters that were shown on the teaser? the two that looks like anna and kristoff?

davina meel

Can you please do a pool party video with Emma and some friends

Shabbir Haneef

Hey dude,why are u always soo PeRfEcT?¿


Ubisoft is a French company which has a lot of headquarters, in towns like Montpellier, Bucarest, Shangaï, etc.. Learn more on it's wikipedia entry.


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