Tdk development


21st Century Education

RR Matunafish

Uhhhh the rage monster isn’t as bad as he is now

Brayden Bridges

LeBron James

Shit im a fucking weeb now

Fatbowser Gaming

1:98 Cody awkward

Apexxx Spino

They looked so much younger in 2012.

Connor Towers

Michigan such ty

Monica Geiser

What America did u grow up in 😂😂

jayden white

do a 99yard shot and break the record


More hockey trick shots do a dallas stars edition 2 with Jamie benn, Tyler seguin, Ben Bishop, Martin hanzal and Alexander radulov make it a lot of stars payers

SmoKe SmoKe



Wow, you pointed out so many things I didn't even notice. They sure put a lot of work into these easter eggs. The Abstergo CEO was fucking great. Guess I forgot about him, lol

Fred Jensen


1. Punch him Hard in the face

zacktdm :p

was that neebs gaming


Tom brady

sub to swerziie


Unicornies Fam

Softball 🥎❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


2:16 says GURU


6:30 Kill me, plz.

Sue Charles

Deandre Hopkins

I got so many bruises and scratches from my parent


I was actually born 3 days late

I mean to you play to show the easter eggs or do you use material from other players?

I play Fortnite Plz sub

Funny sounds. 4:00


mauibbd Dönmez

how du you know all easter egg

I've never played Life is Strange 2. That little exchange 8 seconds in pretty much put me off the game.

Tea Nauha

Watching the rage monster makes me feel bad, the money they spend😂

Dark n lovely

Sad day when u have to tell So called grown folk to stop BEIN stupid and rude. Who does that

Kris Tve

i dont understand 6 and 3 :/

Jacob Stavish

Tyler aviously

Random Bob

the end looks animated, like if you agree

Tino Sgambato


Tyler Hrosotowski

Hole-in-one hit it from the Teebox next time

Tini Taco


Mujtaba gaming


charlotte Philp

That girl should be the QUESTIONER.

Kuba Bolkowski

Which easter egg is your favourite out of all you have seen?

James Isaac Nunez

Somebody plz tell me what is wrong with numbers 10,9,7,6,5,4,1 and 2

Fancy Lamp

did you do the ghost girl easter egg?

steven murphy

What song is that??

Austin Howard

I think its smoke and mirrors he aint playing

Judi W.

This was obviously written by a disgruntled white conservative Catholic mom named Karen

Pounce Boi

Double rims are horrible

Lachlan Harrison

Giant Troll in Norway. Okay, I’ll send a text to kratos and Atreus to kill it. And also, WTF. Are you sure this is a Disney princess film, because this feels more like a Marvel trailer


Your eyes look beautiful today, can you please let me know what you used.

Maximilian Mus Army

Fed up of seeing ty as winner always as if it was planned😠

Leah Flanders

I’m 10 and cobys the best sorry Cory I’m using my moms acount


NF or Neffex?...


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