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Impact of binge drinking on teen brain development

DrinkWise Australia Ambassador, Dr. Andrew Rochford, explains the impact of drinking on teen brains.

Jasmine H-L

My aunt has endometriosis and she tried for years to get pregnant,the news came in and shes pregnant! I cant imagine the pain you go through but I wish I could take the pain for you.

Shelonda Hawkins

Do me one big favor just do what most pregnant women do work eat what ever you want and just enjoy the experience no jumping I get the exercise just don't over do it we here for the long run I know I might be a little over protective sorry but we love you guys so much

Awesome Asher

Am I first to comment

Haya Kamel

cries in poor

Rigoberto Alvarado117

please do water polo shots @dudeperfect

BeN the beast 29

They need a trampoline court somewhere

Alejandro Ramirez

Hablo español pero admito que esta genial el video xD.


Come to Boston in winter. I dare you.

SUP3R gaming 29

Volcano blaster it's so good

Yatharth Swami

that dog was slick

player4167 the fallen

At 3:25 ik why you in so much pain look at the foot its not even connected to her leg

Bat Joke


Kevin Leach

Hey guru I really like your videos they are awesom because for me watching things in your videos that probably I'm never going find them by my self its incredible I've been more that 1year subscribe and you keep surpricing me I wish u luck here from Chile :3 :D. PD: Sorry if I make mistakes writing in this comment.


Not very smart to use a blowtorch to cook, you're eating the unburned fuel


3:41 “He’s busting through them like crazy.”

Devyldawg Gaming

and thunder gun


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Nick Adamo

I feel you dude I had two emergency brain surgery’s

شاكر شاكر

اللي عربي يضغط لايك


great vid! keep it up!

Tanner Holmes

Right off the bat he didn't have the ball when he touched second, not an out.

Why do you care?

This girl is a b and acts like her life is terrible


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