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Indian Reaction on | PAKISTAN VS BANGLADESH | Which Country Is Better?

Video Link :- Reaction on | PAKISTAN VS BANGLADESH | Which Country Is Better?#Pakistan #VS #BangladeshPAKISTAN VS BANGLADESH - कौन सा देश ज़ादा बेहतर ?There Is Much More To Explore, Join Us Today ! By Hitting The Subscribe ButtonStay Connected With Us:-Instagram:- :- :- VbReactions@gmail.comThanks For Watching

same panhwer


isiah Amaro

Dude perfect is always the winner always a winner Ricardo suck

leo 7music

Yea men

When The Music's Over

As Richtofen would say in regards to this video's length: "MORE TIME TO PLAY WITH MY PRETTY ONES!" :D

A Person

Is binging with banish American?




To much of ty not enough of the other members of dude perfect

sam b

interesting, especially the last ones that's so creepy!

After about a month of this I asked my mom if she could go in as she knew what was happening. She said she couldn’t because I have replied to their texts, so I stormed off upstairs crying and I heard my mom say to my sister ‘you go talk to her’ about a minute later my sister walks into my room. I just blankly stared at her with tears streaming down my face. I couldn’t stop crying.


Number 1 is insane


Hitman and the weird easter eggs again

H Krueg

You are awesome🏀🏀🏀



So you made a app where you justed other peoples idiees😂 (i dont mean this like hate it is just somting what came to my mind💞)


Might now be a big Easter egg but if you type in "pacman google"  and click on the first link you get to play a Google version of PacMan.

1. I accidentally spilled liquid all over him.

Brad B.

You're* 11:10




I want to be a streamer and my mom doesent let me do it because of that i think i could never be something big and sometimes i think of stopping to chase my dreams :(

Joe: that checks out. You dropped em off covered in dirt, mud, sweat, blood, weird green ooze, burn marks, and a giant hole...

Joshua Ramirez

Did you guys hear cory said a bad word

Rebecca Shope

Lets go panda

Tega X

The rage monster was kinda overwhelming but to be fair they all are

so that means KD is the best huh... FULL CREDIT Max

 ..\ \    \ \       '..:/____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____\         / /    / /..

Ashley Leanos

Guys does eneybody think Cory could have been the panda if so like🤔

Dylan McLaughlin

In the the Epilogue of Uncharted 4, if you go outside to the Jeep, the license plate says ND1984, which is reference to Naughty Dog and year they were founded


Am I the only watcher, who thinks Shannon Sharpe tries way to hard to be relevant, and edgy?? You have Bayless, it's not necessary to try and sound ridiculous.

While my undies. Grew and grew.

David Prospect

that steak is still too RARE!!! BLOOOOOODY

itz libz


Ksenia Vernik

So I want you to tour the cities of Russia. And that this tour was Omsk !!!

lauren cowell

Btw the rapture room with the big daddy in the tunnel was the room where jack had his first plasmid (up on that balcony was the gatherers garden)

mr. Pikachu

I liked all off your videos cause there so good keep up the good work


a hahaha no way. great video dude


I must say this was better then the super bowl


looks delicious Sam

Shivam Arora

ya i don't socialise like other. i don't go often outside. i just want to stay at home as long as possible because i don't want to interact with anyone. it makes me feel bad because everyone enjoying, laughing and smiling and on the other side, I'm depressed, no more laughing, smiling and nothing to feel happy about. It's just like I'm alive but I'm dead from inside. Ya, i always blame myself and i feel like yes, I'm responsible for the situation that I'm in right now. Everyday i live in some kind of guilt and regret. I feel like staying in bed all the time swiping all over social apps and living a virtual life instead of a real life. Nothing seems to be in right direction, sometimes i feel like i should rather die than to live this kind of life but i know it won't make any change because nobody cares if you are living or dying. I'm still trying to recover from all the past mistakes which i had done. Seems like I'm staying in past more than present and i know it doesn't makes any sense but it's just came over and over making me depressed. but i hope everything will be alright at the end. i want to say sorry to myself for making my own life worst and for destroying it everyday. I'll try my best to learn from my mistakes and I'll try to make a better routine. Hopefully, i won't find any trouble keeping myself in right direction.


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