Aha development

Institute of Development Studies Live Stream

lol roblox

andthe bloopers?


And a turdis

2. Ronald McDonald


lol so funny last part made it look like shark attack therefore mio is going to be used for fake water blood

Jesse Marquez

The first Final Fantasy game I've played!

Ichii sei

3:54 Coryy😍

Gülşen Diken


Christian Aguilar

Maybe it's a clue that rockstar will make an alien game

Dgamer_ MrsNightmare

This happened to me 10000000000 times young child ahahahhahahahahha


I'm sad my goat just died today

Hussain Raien

Garrett Looks Like Van Gogh

br erckmam


football crazy248

Just saying it should of been Brodie smith vs Tyler because he was the only person from dude perfect that actually did it

Jack Bike


Lizzy Glittersalad


Jana White

Nashville Predators are better

idk _what_to_name_my_user

I thought you were gonna end up smashing the movie up

Mason Allen

It's from when they hit a pin with the rope, so they took it off.

Ghaith Albalooshi

Not saying :-):-)btw

Rhys Jones

Lol I was thinking Monday and his says Monday and I’m like wtf


Hahaha 6:00 I see what you did there

Stay strong dear 💕

Mike Redondo

LOL. He bought light knowing he could have saved about a rack by getting from GOAT.

Blue Falcon 21

We need a NFL kicking edition 2

Häftig Iz

so bottle flip trick shots

Judy Chen

0:50 0:52 0:56 1:03 3:16 the rage quitter


I hate to burst your bubble but that is just the edge of the world barrier. To be fair though, I reported that as a glitch when I first started testing though.

HS Productions - Hunter. S

My relationship lasted 2yrs.

Hasini Malisetti

And this is why my insta user is i.am.me.ofc

Funtime avi 36

Please microwave liquid nitrogen liquid oxygen and a bunch of other cold things

thexangel 18

0:44 I am crying

Wesley Hofford

The panda is awesome


Giant octopus arm ????? Hmmmmmmm

Evil Kienevel

at that gears of war 4 was that supposed to reference a kaiju from pacific rim???


I played GTA4 like 7 times, i NEVER noticed that face...thats amazing

A.T. emfinger

these video are amazing i love easter eggs

Floppy Gaming

When gar used to have hair on his head 😭😭😢😭😭😢😭😭😢😭😢😭😢😢😢

fight me i dare you.


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