Aha development

Instruction Manuals - Scott The Woz

Scott talks about paper after getting distracted talking about paper.Twitter: Used:"Desert Land" from Super Mario Bros. 3"Slots" from Super Mario Bros. 3"Starship Mario #1" from Super Mario Galaxy 2"Ending Theme" from Super Mario World"Ricco Harbor" from Super Mario Sunshine"Dungeon Theme" from The Legend of Zelda (NES)"Bloody Tears" from Castlevania II: Simon's Quest"The Metropolis of Fourside" from EarthBound"Silo" from GoldenEye 007 (N64)"Main Theme" from Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit!"Create: Super Mario Bros. Underground" from Super Mario Maker"Main Theme (Piano)" from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate"Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes

manmohansaĺnl very good film. Sibgh

world 1 bowler in American

Emma Reynolds

sees plastic straws

Trọng Nguyễn


LoL christian



Sea horse

Dov Kahn

trick pissing?

DaTeag Slimes

So..... Mist is basically cigarettes?

Real_Jamal 1

I feel so sorry for her 😭 were all with you

arda özçam

The 180 Slider was the best shot. Dude you're perfect

Tipsy Knight

God it’s amazing to see you post

Polina Chernikov

Cody always thanks his mom and everyone

Rory O'Brien

I follow dude perfect's rule on sunblock and I kept my rather pale skin tone over a Florida spring break.


I wouldnt say easter egg but unlockable. a really cool one.

Shea holmes

My favorite planet is Saturn.

Me: shoots with BB gun and call 911

Zahida Sharif

@ 3:01, why did it say "DOENS'T" instead of DOESN'T?

Fish Wacks

Immigrants are illegal for a reason

Johnny Farley

You should have a baseball field outback!

Pete Lenhardt

I love your videos, but this is the best one of them all!!!!!!

Maddie Cartwright


Eric Martin



Don't be bored again. Please.

Vicky tiwari

The target should be cory

Beyza Tuncel

Wade's mask. My spideypool HEART, I CAN'T-

Temka 0017

gurukid's groceries haha nice one

Haven't commented under your videos for a long time, don't know if you're still remembering me. Just wanted to say; keep doing your thing, bud. You're amazing at presenting what you've collected. That's art as well and you're rocking it!

Nisha Babber

please supercell coc ka update lao

Tetty Manusiwa

Ga seru kalau lagi nonton selalu gangguan loding

Слични но различни

The boy i have crush on dosn't know i love him

ปอนด์ เด็ดเอ๋อ


Sara Van

I can't stop my tears from falling

Danielle Kowalczyk

Wait how is she telling this story if she is choosing to live in hevan or in hell

Israel Romero-Wilson

Who else wants a Ned Forrester trick shot vid

M Salmon

Que coby dropping his meg in the intro

Nunmawia Khawlhring

I'm mad that some of them don't get mad

Hippie Shit




Joseph Stalin

Nobody: Dude Perfect: Nuclear bomb trick shots in Hiroshima Japan

Kawaii Lover101

Jesus- this really came out of the blue for me. Bijuu has always seemed so high energy and happy and its crazy to think that this happened. I guess the worst people have to suffer the most, huh?


2:01 no dunking sign on hope but u can through it from the top of the stadiam



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