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Interview Question: Tell Me Something About Yourself?

Learn how to face first question of your job interview. In this video, i will explain you the concise and simple way to answer this question.

yo quelempan


Gacha Potato

bro are u faking ur vids the trickshots are too awsome

Dipak Ahir

What happened when you deep fried Mobil !!!

Halley Mae

Is anyone else in love with this light pink lipstick with her look right now?? I feel like we never see her in this kind of shade

dat boi

Good eye m8


the octopus was like"SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" at the last easter egg

Beebug 17

Artist: how much orange do you want?


This Video made me cry I hop she is ok

Me and my girlfriend are forced to be apart all because we are lesbian

Ulices Larios

Anybody watching in 2019

Redsquadron avi

they keep doing the portal/left 4 dead Easter egg... lol this seems like the fifth time ive seen them use it in their videos..


When's episode 3?


Fire 🔥


In halo 5, there’s a map called torque and when you look out into space you can see two names. Those names are from two little girls who died in a house fire in real life. The two little girls are daughters from a long time halo fan named TheCrazedSpartan and 343 wanted to show care by adding their names into the sky and making their first animated emblem after them called true light (It’s a legendary that everybody gets) it isn’t a video game Easter egg, it’s an Easter egg in commemoration for the two little daughters

Truett Bond

It’s funny cause if u want to click there it does nothing


9:35 that what happened when I was coming out and I’m glad to be a boy

zenab asif

for uh it was only 4 months but for me....we broke up after 4 years and still i am not ready to be with someone else🙁😔

Kylie:”which car should I take, I think imma take this baby”

Trung Nguyen


Jc Mary

You did a great job 😁

Washing Machine

Bowling 🎳


Is that Shaggy in the thumbnail?

Shay McIntyre

Did anyone notice that Pinocchio was spelled wrong?

Clarebear 0925

and then they all clapped

Just kidding, I was hyped, now I'm hyped af

Ansel Roberts

These are literally just basketball trick shots wtf

I didn't really know what to put here

Nice easter eggs man :-D

Auke Van der plas

Dude .... It is not perfect



Sarah Arceo



epic minecrafyyyttt!1111

Bigboi Pigeon



do a bottle flip 2 plz

Gen paminawa

Marlins in MLB, Seibu White Lions in NPB, Manila Sharks here in the Philippines rock and roll wooo! thumbs up to all Submarine Pitchers!

Edgar Valencia

I notice they all connected to them juanpa man of business lele women of brain and Rudy man of love

Harambe Nights

@ 1:40 is he interviewing him with a Fleshlight? LOLz

- `s a d ' - *

This is why i play apex.

ANDY1920 gamer/ music YOUTUBER


Sam Pearson

Hï düde perfèct

Slayer Manggo


Evelyn Peralta

Secrets in video games i like you video


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