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Darwin and Lamarck has given the famous theory of Evolution in two different way. Lamarck theory was not supported by scientific evidences where as Darwin theory was.#EVOLUTION #LAMARCK #DARWIN #CSIRNETThis concepts are the part of CSIR-NET/GATE(LIFE SCIENCE) Preparation.Subscribe this channel for the more future videos on different topics.

I am in chorus because I love to sing.


Bill gates 😅

Gamer Hotpoint

If youlikethis nickname subcribeisgonna be cod

AzxStyles [GD]

Audio is so bad haha

- The Skipper

Donna Miles

I am

I just hope the parents will know that being gay isn't a choice. You CAN'T IN ANY WAYS CHANGE YOUR SEXUALITY. I am gay and trust me I tried. Even tho I knew that my parents and family would accept me no matter what, I'm from a very "traditional" city, I mean it's not that bad but it can be very hard sometimes. When I realized I was gay I was totally fine with that actually, but I was scared because I don't want people to reject me for this. Only 2 friends know that but honestly I'm very happy to be who I am

Carver Cohn

Ty gets the beard 🧔 Cody does not

Joel Cranford

Dolphins or Broncos should draft him

30p energy drink

Did anyone watch this movie in school about 20 times or was it just me

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium And Warehouse!



Hey I forget did Bethesda but id software?


In Canada, we would have just bought a HOCKEY STICK

Karla Diaz

Thes story are real se haces a channal

Yanyan Sensei


Mark Boland

2 seconds in and there is a panda fake already

I'm natassiaerliya1145

Oh my god i can't wait too watch this!!!😍"Frozen" is my most favorite disney animation...😍


gurl be cross eyed 0:14

Sarah B

Getting some game of thrones vibes from some of those dresses


Wow shes more worried about her beauty than death



Edit: oh wait nvm 😂 btw how did she know all those things at the age of 3 and 5?


Bam bam Banuelos

This is fkn Beautiful....


Good vid

Thor Floyd

Favorite shot: The Super Long 150 Footer.

Misses wife

gamer 1219 Oyan

Heĺlo mate

Carlos Allen

"I thought it was endangered or something" ..as he keeps eating it* LOL 🤣😂🤔😉😎

Yvesyvan Valenzuela

No rage monster

Mailee Mae

If you are struggling with the courage to talk to your guardian, perhaps you could write a letter. Put down all your feelings and explanations, everything you would say to your parents, and then give it to them. You could even put in their room or on their bed if you are scared. I totally get it; I know what it's like to not want to talk to adults, especially about something that deep and important. Just stay strong!

Acrossthestars12 Carrot


I feel uncomfortible in my own body

Zello M

Definitely camera tricks

Smiles :3

I was adopted and this really hit me in the heart positively

Richard Fleischmann

Do it for the hallagram

The Speedzter Galaxy

Anyone else got Endgame trailer vibes

Jared Mruk



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