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IOP grad student Spencer Martin researching immune system based cancer solution

Graduate student Spencer Martin describes his research work in the Interdisciplinary Oncology program. He is sequencing cancer tumour DNA to find mutations, then developing vaccines to activate the immune system to attack the tumour, resulting in fewer side effects compared to chemotherapy or radiation.

Maria Jose

Ty is socrazy when he gets mad

7:46 Dracula

çağan 44

713,000 like

Daria Popit

U made the right choice because someone that broke ur trust will do it over and over again 💜



Just shoot the one gnome. The guard will go over and shout at Lynch. Then, when he's done and has returned...do it again. He'll throw Lynch out. Incidentally leaving the shotgun, too.


10 eh? McPixel can be all ten


Team coby 4 life he will win 15 episodes from now

coleman pruitt

thats how us aggies do it

Nena mala de repente

wade wilson

Then Barney Rapes Him

Nerf man Mega

Tyler lifted up Cory easily he is strong

Also Me: Dislikes This Video

Kindra Todd

i knew coby would be lastpls reply dp

Jason Turiana

Try a real rocket bomb

Nosta Keten

Hahaha so FUNNY 😂😂

Kelsen Podworny

Do another one🤞🏼🥳🤩

Georgia Cole

Bunny’s tantrum made both my dogs throw tantrums

Ethan Hair

I was totally rooting for Jeff Goldbloom.

kate Anderson

I wish abusive moms were out there more not just physically but verbally and emotionally as well.

Ekene Uzoigwe

this was so epic

triplex fan*

Хуйня, мой сосед Саня так каждый день ебошит...

Ava T

Unless she’s making people feel horrible about LGBT+ then I really dont see the issue

nayeon is a cute bunny

They snapped with the vocals😍

but why does that iphone look like an android at 3:13

Barles Charkley Jr.

Yes, but also because Notch won a courthouse disagrement over name *Scrolls* with Bethesda.

Daniel Lozano

This dude eats like a baby.

thủy võ

the video best ever

Talo Mox

I can't wait to see Matt's El Chapo appear on here! Flap flap flap

Jaffig Things

This is the third time I've watched this.

shoot em

The best final fantasy of the history

Richard Van Adlerhorst


Veronica Rincon

you guys are the best

Nelson Akyuwen

What’s weird is that the dog lady brought 1million dog in her car , rage monster is gonna buy everything that broke

Liam O'grady

Are you a doctor who fan by any chance guru? Only show that makes me proud to be British

Liam Fiordalisi


Rafael JImenez

The fact that you used labyrinth's Jealous as the background song alone made me like the video. Great content as always. And you're editing is so silky smooth. It makes your videos super enjoyable, happy Easter!

Rahulkumar Solanki

One tray in not possible the work

Yosemite Sam

@SaceMilk americans R funny ..notice those too guys wer american

No, it's not working


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