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Iran Economy after United States Sanctions || Biggest Geopolitical Game

In this Video we discuss about the geopolitics going on with iran and its adverse effects on Iran and Iran's Economy.Facts discussed:Sanctions on Iran, 1951, 1957, 1987, 2005, History of sanctions on iran,United States Sanctions on Iran,United Nations Sanctions on Iran,Nucelar Sanctions on Iran,JCPOA Nuclear deal with iran, US pulls out of dealAmerica sanctions on IranNovemeber 4 European Union Reacts to Iran SanctionsRussia Sanctions#USA #iran #SanctionsOnIran #IranEconomy #UNSanctionsOnIran_________________________________________________________________Donate to us onDirect Transfer: 9603860961 (Indian Viewers Please donate on Paytm)_________________________________________________________________Follow us onFacebook:

Karyme Marquez

Honestly , I Love this guy!



karen aguero


kim lee chong

Did anyone notice that ty almost fell at 0:48


Thank you for consistently providing everyone with 5 full years of extraordinary content. I subscribed to you the day I found out about GuruKidHD, and watched nearly every single video tossed out till' this day. I even proceeded to help you make a CoD 4 video back in the days via PS3. The video was called 'From Zero to Hero', or something along those lines. Few years later, I helped you create a Left 4 Dead Easter Egg video. I'm unsure of which one it was, but my alias within that video was 'DJ Tac'. But on a serious note, I would say that you've helped me get through some tough/dark times in my life, believe it or not. Your videos somehow seem to spur joy within me whenever I watch them, and it's an awesome feeling!

Miss Cliché

Yama is so cute and gentle OMAYGOD I CANT--

Piex xPie

I remember a couple of days ago. I was saying I was a disappointment because I accidentally broke my phone and my mom was saying, “ UGH, NO YOU ARENT, GO TO YOUR ROOM BRATS.” I couldn’t even believe her. My sister was comforting me but what kind of mom is that? My dad didn’t even yell at me and he’s wayyy more aggressive!... even though I don’t want to be, I’ve been so sad lately, I don’t even know what I’m doing. I think everything I do is a mistake.

Natalia Pedraza

That’s why I perfer boys who staple there hands❤️🤤

Arimbi Dinikaputri

nggak tahan, auto menjerittt ☺☺😊😍😘


Igod708g_0 G

You made me happy

Vitor Tonietto

This is just the beggining

Alber Rivera

Dude perfect joined the9 year old channel from pewdiepie

iskandar alias


Marie Jsh

This week, i started with 58,7kg.. Know, on a Friday, I am like 54,7kg and I am happier and feel much better

Bahama Vlogz

Missed one. There's a Jurassic


stop at 9:20

Matt Frear

R.I.P Big Black😭😭

ev we

my friends don't even remember my birthday Lol

WhErE iS mA bOi GaNg???

Greg Peters

5:19 after a few beers the germans was up for ANYTHING

The Man

Use liquid oxygen with the magnesium

Yui’s Edits

I am very skinny so while everyone goes to the gym I go restaurants


@antharonii nah that was pretty standard since the shotgun has a bit of a spread due to the buckshots its not as hard as it looks.


it can curve pretty easily due to spin.But still "fake and gay" like someone else so eloquently stated

Mohammad Nadeem

The secret to success is to not look for it


whats the point of the last one? o.o

Jamie Kent

They can't do a one-wheeler

Matthew Ouellet


tavilu xo

So its really funny cause in German "Mist" means something like "cow poop" or germans say it when something didn't work out like "oh no" 😂😂


there is no sound in space

Lauren Gonzalez

Where did you get these shirts?!?

Megan Jensen


Marin Bouchard

For the next ping pong ball +

Douglas Weittenhiller III

This made me laugh so F*cking hard!

Ethan Heinrich

They said, "We need to retire." lol

#coyote x

I wonder if It took multiple tries


Da Rookie

3-pointer followed by a Grand Slam. Strong way to end.

Cully Cullen

How do these guys even do half these things? This shit is mind blowing!!! Special stuff.

Sarah Redden


ABCDE 12345

Needed more good graphics

Kai’s Sand box

why this 8 year old have a phone and i have legos :,)


watching this in 2017 Ty is so weird with out his beard! and @Finsprout1 I agree there commentary is pretty bad


Garret should of named his the “purple dozer”


remember when R6 trailer gameplay looks so cool but when you play the game is so bad, i need to rethink to buy this..


A child being in a home where the relationship is clearly strained isn't any better.


Am I the only one bothered that the perfect game strike the drive didn’t clear the pin deck lol

Sonali Mathur

Dp is comming up with brilliant videos and funs.Hit a like if yes to this comment.Pound it Nogin.

Keep doing the horror stuff! :D


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