Aha development

Just Gushing About 3-gatsu no Lion For 80 Minutes

This might be my favorite anime ever??Support us on patreon: or buy the doomer hoodie:

Sofia Its Me

Sweet old Alabama

kshama Dalvi

I love rage monster

Jonathan Lorentzen

Im propably mr.cathes everything BUT fish here are my Stories (if you want to hear them)I have chaught:Ice skatesA broken banjoA message in a plastic bottle (it said trololol)A completely not openedbottle og coca cola (gave it to my cousin i am not alllowed to drink cola)A empty handbagThe half of a skylander swapforce (the legs of the fireknight thing)

Sr. Marques 64

Ty you are a best

hyperdp plays

🔴 🔵 2018:Nah

rawa km

Perfect dude

Carter Hughes

Ty I hate u let him win

Kitty Paws 4747

I am even more excited to see the movie now

jason reilly


Briannah Arseneau

What’s they beep out the word bullying/bully

iminthevoid -YouTube Content

3:00 to 3:37 happens to me when I lose a game of Fortnite with a gold scar and blue pump

Sammy Sosa

How could anybody dislike this video?!

Minecrafter14 MC

Extremely waiting for Ping Pong Trick Shots 6

Axel Estrada

Cristiano Ronaldo

Zach Huddleston

Treyarch, the gods of Easter eggs


I wish Namjoon would tell that that 😂😭

Mia drawz

I honestly just care iif the doggo is ok

Bush did 7/11

Comment section logic: Woman lives in the US for 20 years yet doesn't try to become a citizen.

Tj Price

Dude is this real you just gave that girls number to the world

depressed star

immediately thinks of emma chamberlain

Destiny Giron

When catherine started crying i was going to cry

Solomon Rokusek


Иман Ельхассан

They probably knew she’s Russian but she should’ve showed it.physically.



James Perkins

I don't really have you on snapchat, and I don't know how to message you on there, but I am really sorry your family member passed away, and I hope they're in a better place. Feel better Jeffree Star, your fanbase is here to help you.

SayHey David

Do restaurant drive thru stereotypes



GeomatryDash Master

How do they do this stuff is it planned

Chiki Vlogs

I think chad is panda..

crispidy y


Benabdelkader Lina

Why I love you JK ???

Shaswat Jaiswal

can you make some bicycles trick shots


just search for other videos for the answers to your question they put more detail in them and explain them

me: yes.


what does the cycle continues mean?

Nova Pro



At first I was like "Is that Chris Hemsw... No, no it's Liam. HEY IT'S JEFF GOLDBLUM!





Let me play, let me play ooooh let me play

Gdog 3126

any one see that dj kahled

Sin Isters


Friends _channel Niamh.R

This makes me cry but its gives you Understanding


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