Aha development

(Korean Version) "Autism (and Developmental Disabilities) for Asian Families"

Edd the dude

He says empire but his country is as big as my state Kansas

Rita Tran

You sound like a freaking five year old in the beginning.

Archie Milligan

aputure science

Me Leaving the country

Phillip Rhinehardt

We'll see what happens tonight.


Josh Forde

Great 👍 Soccer skills

Aisha Khan

The "A Little Princess" one was so relaxing 8:05

U.S Government:

VictoriaAndVictor Channel


Jerry TheAwesom

Tell us who is the PANDA?!?!?

Barrett Phelps

Wow just wow

TheVideo Commenter

Good thing I turned the notifications on, this video doesn't show on my sub feed

Forrest Bros

I’m the superstitious fan

Anik Alam

LOL! Dr. Goodhead was the best.. :P

Tony Nash



iam dutch pls stop translating

Nathan Singh

2017 fam

aEsthEtic ViBes

This is why Instagram and other social media’s shouldn’t exist. You risk your life for a damn picture. Would you die for a picture or live healthy? Healthiness is all that matters

Brian Muts

A cold never bother me anyway. 😎💖💙💛❤️💜🔥🌟👍❄️

Agnes Nwotize

Awww! That story was very inspirational :3

NightHawk 01

I love the song so much.

:Feral.... ok Me:ㅠㅠ

Abbott Answering

you're healthy paul

Tse Yuan Lee

This is same like boderland 1,2


shyla being hella annoying not wanting to tell us how far along she is and her due date. my goodness.

Aqasha Alhalmi

Tyler's dad is de best

Cross Fighter

The number five is funny tho....xD


Glad mines not super serious like this, just a bunch of funny leg and arm movement relating to floors and walls and the number of times I do this is related to the numbers 4, 16, 64, 256, etc. I shower for more than an hour as well but that's completely unrelated. I'm sorry for people that have serious cases like this and I hope all learn to cope with it and get better.

Classy Man

Puma is trash

Manav Panchal

why was Johnny wearing bball shoes



Tipsy Knight

What does a pizza delivery guy and a gynecologist have in common

Carol Yohn

did the impossible one take 1 try i hope...

joanamarie develos

me to i like pandato


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