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Let's Play The Magic Circle Part 1 - Trapped in Development Hell [PC Gameplay]

Let's play The Magic Circle on PC! You are the hero of an unfinished fantasy game, and your designers have failed you. Steal the power of a game god - trap their creations, swap behaviors and body parts, crafting your own unique solutions to free-form puzzles. Can you release a game ...from the inside? ► The Magic Circle Playlist: | If you enjoyed the video, consider leaving a like and/or comment as support!▬▬▬▬ CONNECT WITH ME ▬▬▬▬• Subscribe: Twitter: Support me on Patreon: VIDEO INFO ▬▬▬▬• Game: The Magic Circle• Official website: Developer: Question• Steam page: Playlist: GAME INFO ▬▬▬▬This is a let's play of The Magic Circle on the PC in 1080p 60fps.► The Magic Circle Story Synopsis:You are the protagonist of an unfinished 1st person fantasy game, trapped in development hell. The designers (played by James Urbaniak, Ashly Burch, and Karen Dyer) are god-like, but so indecisive that they've given you no powers whatsoever. With the help of a mysterious disembodied voice (Stephen Russell) you must seize the tools of game development from these unworthy 'gods', uncovering more of the darkly comic story as you go. Rather than traditional puzzles with a single solution, the incomplete state of each environment is a question that you answer in your own way. Trap the designers' creations, steal their behaviors, and re-mix them to explore and master this world-in-progress. Can you out-think the game gods? Can you ship The Magic Circle from inside it?Warning: Some strong language and references to adult subject matter.

tyler lutzen

Really game freak I just want pokebank. All this work for this kinda stuff that will just blow over in a few months after release

Harry Joseph Coghlan-Murray

I always remember a couple years ago me and my friends would come to school and be like "You seen the new fun with guru video? oh my god, it's sick! he's like he best Easter egg youtuber" Noe, we the matured since then a little so we dont chat about your videos, but i still believe you are the best Easter egg youtuber out there. you're entertaining as hell, keep it up mate :)



Ashok kumar Patro

U r awesome guys...keep it up


Awkward moment when both the top comments are the same

Eva Sanchez

It's a HYUGE tube.


2:26 Hey that's the Daemon laugh from dawn of war 1.

dj Singh

Hey doesn't that beast look like the one elsa made in frozen 1 to anna to stop her enter the 🏰 castle

yagirl nextdoor

Chin up ,don't give a damn what people say about you, y'all are so beautiful in your own way and I love you 🥀


i love your videos about easter eggs :D when call of duty WWII go on steam , do you do video about easter eggs from this call of duty?

j don

this is all lesions fault

Gacha Đāýş

Your mom looks like one of my teachers lol 😂

Ryan Broehm


Daniel Rivera

I'm in Miami Garden with a Richard Mille plain.... 305 💯💯💯

Gerard Ferrer

The last one was the best easter egg in my opinion.

Nikolas Mamatas

Some vids are boring like this one

Gaming With Colt

2:06 Jordan is back

ebin p eldhose

Please do a video with an Indian cricketer.


A little girl survived


“My Day one niggas them the niggas I came wit”-Capalot 💯💯💯


When you come back from apex into fortnite and you die to fall damage.



Olivia Is Army

Love u guys!!

Akari Hernandez

That last clip😤😪😨🤮

Ella & Jacob's Fun Times

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Psycho Joe

The no talking guy is the guy who never figured out that our parents or grandparents said that to make us shutup for awhile


You better be able to play as tiny tina in the future.


cory and coby are twins right? almost same names look exactly the same the only diff is that cory smiles more and coby is more serious

Jordan Nelson Jr

fuck the cowboy s

Jack Fennessy

How is that a 10,000,000 point shot? you photo-shopping n00bs!

Tristan Hayden

U guys should do Von miller

kitty gamming

Kid:hey mom why is smoking bad?

Derpy Shark

You could of given me that tv 📺

Major Sarah19

He was born in 1900 it is 2018??? Why???



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