Aha development

Lifespan Theories

A quick description of some major lifespan development theories: Freud, Erikson, Piaget, Kohlberg, Neugarten, Gilligan, Baltes, Bronfenbrenner


I vote coby to win

Niririn no

i went in and out of that room so many times and i have never noticed it 3:45 :D


OMG! :D I have to find it ! :D




you and me both bro I had cancer too anyone one suffering from a life threatening sickness hang in there


u rock

8̶M̶i̶d̶n̶i̶g̶h̶t̶8̶ •

I always knew puma was suspicious

mohamed boumaiza

How did you write the story if toi are paralysed

Curly G

all new yorkers after hearing the crash: ah shit here we go again

Dani Mengão


GachaKelsie 123

I only have 30+ subs ;-;

Ryker Marcyes

This video is more lit than any other musicians that have actually tried😂🔥🔥


hvat is the name of the map in serious sam 3 bfe

The Kid Who Always Does Fun Raisers available please

Luciana Caputo


Rozalia Chuda


evan chief

Head shot on pink

Rudy Bravo

Must of taken you alot of takes...

Leuk3mia Kidd

keep up the good work and thanks for the bf4 weapon secret

Harry Potter

If I were to make up a stereotype I would be called. “ SUN FLOWER SEED STEVE”

Jongho's Apple

3M woahhhh!!!!

Rishaan Manglik

That was yucky Coby

Put pride to the side, I need it, alright?

brianna stoltzfus


JID00 Gaming

you missed the Christmas tree. look at my latest easter egg video to see it. It a weird easter egg, im not sure if it is a reference or anything. but its cool.

Miguel Torres

Is the blade u use the developer blade? Coz it says korek


Max is a joke. Says KD is practically a perfect player but never gives him his just due as the best in the league or better than LeBron. What happened to GS being better without KD? Please🤨


Man thise planes are pethatic

John Towel

Bro this man really needs to start throwing hands frfr


If bully ever bullies you fuck them up with a chair or a table as I did ;P

Fahrettin Uğur Altun


Friend Account

So apparently not agreeing with the lgbt community is a crime now oh boy I should be put on a death row

Cristian Avendano

I have your game

Jennifer Perez/Garcia

I seent this dude a lot throughout Nips Vids. U can tell he got a lot of pain after Nips passing. Sad. Didnt know he got his own channel. Ima be followin now. Love this song. Almost cried. R.I.P Nip

Chen Liu

1754 for the spoon one?!?!?! Shit I should sell mine then, I copped them for 400 resell LOLLL

Areli Mtz

Yo soy calladita pero cuando escuchó a Bad bunny🎉🙌👯

Danny Avila

Oh finally he has some content longer than 1:30! Im Gonna End This whole mans carrer!

Sassy Creator

1 like= 1 chair to her boyfriends face

Rinku Singh

0:37 Watch From Here Carefully The toy Is Made Up Of Magnet.See The Way How It Sticks When It LandS


It's ma boi Guru again with the highest of high quality easter eggs and memes content!

Tristan Walker

There is no sound in space because there is no oxygen in space so sound is not able to travel

KVn Oren

DOOM enternal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Gsxif7TNfQ

Moonie the patato Oofer

Are you still homeless

The Office (the tone, humor, eating, and drinking)


2:45 i had a jumpscare

Tristan Smith

What is this 10/11 BUT foreal all prayers to the pilot

Kashika -

Coby u will win

Portal Teen

Alguem Brasil?


FarCry 5 (Trailer)

Spencer Aldrich

Solid snake "retired" yes..


Love your vids due


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