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Focussed on the interaction between students from around the world in a unique environment hosting recreational, academic and social functions, 3XNs vision for the New Students Centre at the and Political Science is about encouraging synergy and social behaviour in a space the students can call their home.

Bulkier Writer 1

Iron man vs Otto von Bismarck.

Hunter Battles

who else thinks Calli is a pyro

The beasty channel Cortes


Markyce Smith

Are these real

Flowery Vlogs

Five minutes huh

The Octopus Gamer

I think.... I nearly have that....

Skyler Frank

The was one of the coolest videos ever!!!!

Nathan Nightly

Team cory!!!!!!

Link: youtube.com/user/MISTSOFDOGDARIA and click Subscribe!

Alex Da JaguarMan

Damn..I want a switch..


Aww poor girl

Dead Beast

I am eating noodles

Michael Fletcher

Go patriots and hawks

Bodie Seidler

This video was on my bday

Alex The Bing Bong Boy

Poor ty. I feel bad for him. He had so much courage

Alex Lippincott

11:00 how do you get the mail in the ballon



bf:hits the baby

Evelin Go like

Me encanto 😍

Kimhong Un

Hey I have a solution

Alan Walker


Makayla Sejkora

haha those haircuts!


Who was watching this ln 2018

1.When they smile at you smile at them in the most sinister way you can imagine


I thought that the easter egg was the place that looked alot like assassins creed 2 : |

-Call of Duty ZOMBIES (Only the one made by TreyArch)



fernando LG

Obrigado por fazer legenda para nós brasileiros!!!!!

Justin Palmer

This is so accurate it hurts

Kevin Mock

That was eggcellent

Kai'sa Park

Poor girl.... I suffer evey 4 days trough my period, I whould probably kill myself if I had endless period 😂😂😭....

Dondon purugganan

Im team cobyfor life

cutie pie

Welp its goood that you sevived and prood to have what's happening to you


a dirt bike pit with a dirt bike

Andrey Babinov


Carie Masters

Why hit panda

Aljaž Jesen

That can defineatly slit someones throat

James Richardson

Hey guru, are you going to do a deadpool one?

_ - .- .

That pun at the end tho 😂

Shayne: 3:15

michelle chung

Blue team won because if team red win literally Tyler's is going to RAGE

Oli lebreizh

How did they get it just for themselfs?Freaky!

Luis Rios

Are those the same stones as the movie brave?

Dana Pandel


Angela Eichenmiller

Film in Pittsburgh pa


LOL “redhead”


Where can I get an Airplane like this

Marinelle Balboa


Captain America:language


0:00 In 2011 we didn't had w8/10, thats the curved mouse

Helpy Plush bear

This women deserves 20 thumbs up 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


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