Aha development

LSE III Annual Conference 2017 | From Ideas To Practice New Frontiers In Research

Alan Hirsch (chair)PhD presentations:Kerris Cooper – LSE Refilwe Lepelle – University of Cape Town Lisa Windsteiger – LSE Visiting Atlantic Fellows projects:Abigail McKnight - LSE Naila Kabeer - LSE Will Bartlett - LSELisa McKenzie - LSE

Natalie H.

7:53 therapy with Anthony Padilla


Still Alive

Melanie and Elizabeth 11/9/06

Apple guy

Derek Dhushyanthan

Who is pnda

susana Claridad

Drew brees love dude perfect

Ryan Johnson

Travis pastrana isn’t a nascar driver he is a rally driver

Brant Van Dyke

Why don't you use that money for veterans and first responders hurt in the line of duty.

Bitch Boy

Tbh the twins look identical but not at the same time

Banu Rokeya

Anyone 2018


Cody’s Hat


i'll join you till the end brother

Elliot Pham

Wait the is knuckle twins a real thing?!?

cRoS Frost

Wtf in the intro Cody is wearing flip flops on ice?!?!?!?!

Almaz Taghiyeva

I can't wait november


Ty:None of us wanna get wetCoby:Hold my glove

Silas Ward

Don't care until I see gameplay

Seriously it's so annoying


Why does it sound like she is saying siser instead of sister

Okemia Smith

What the fucking Fuck

Sean Manley

Fighting petty cases I can’t even pay my bill 😭


wow... :o

Seth Crowe

love your videos

Smith the Airsoft Sniper

Coby: who buried a pipe on city property?Me: probably the city.Like if agree

Oompa Loompa

disliked cause it has seahawks

John Ackley

Are not the liberals the one’s that say “walls don’t work”???? Did you change your mind?


The infinity blade one was the biggest plot twist I have ever seen

Peyton Cole

this is my theory? they’re pulling an endgame and trying to fix the past. TiMe TrAvEl 🧭 or their parents are tarzan’s parents🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️


Really enjoyed this video! It was in high quality and it included a lot of the Easter egg references! Might I add you didn’t beg for likes or subscribers! I wish all YouTube videos nowadays have these qualities! You earned my sub 👍

Actually Happend

Gabriel Silva BJJ

The Rage Monster

Simon Mathisen

Waiting for this game to come out to the Wii u

Shiva Bozz

My score is 204

1819_2K_30 WONG CHUN YIP

Ninja warrior X Nerf

Mr Eggpeep

I think Germany will win

Mathias. B

1St dude perfect video to have Less than 10mil views in 2017...Fantasy Factory


Crazy Tempo

Was he white


Did you know about the bolts Easter egg in Ratchet and Clank for PS4 Guru?


1 dick's sports😂😂Dicj

Destiny Giron

When catherine started crying i was going to cry

Nicholas Wood

1 like = 1 prayse for Tylor

Remmo Gaming

I’m the screamer.

Ahmet Akdağ

Kitap oku lan amk jocuk adam

We''II all leave this life oneday, it' s too hard to accept that

walking warrior

I didn't get any of the Easter eggs none made sence


chapter 9, the guy that was talking, was that Serious Sam?


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