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Macro Development Economics part.1 - Abhijit Banerjee (2/2)

Macro Development Economics - Abhijit Banerjee (MIT-PSE) - April 3, 2018


GTFO You Died already :(

Battle Bros

why did u guys go to Africa

@twisterfield651 still edited tho


I'm so disappointed.


What happen to that other guy


you have the best life ever. you make money for fooling around all day

Llamas 2006

find the difference

muhammad muadz

Have you guys watch RWBY

Ryan Andrew Wakem

awesome video


They are TTV's doing trickshots

Saif Tarar

Shark on, Shark on!!

Collier Ellis


Evangeline Hatcher

My brother’s favorite books and movies is Harry Potter!!! He loves Harry!!!

Captain Unicorn

Thanks to God


Esses vídeos são muito satisfatórios cara

Worth Gaming

Like in 2018

Heather l

Ty's Dad Looks Like Ty


Juice Wrld mixed with The Weeknd

- wjkthetics

i really feel bad for panda


I didn’t like to girl who told story she is prejudiced about bipolar and bipolar people

Bernard Dela Cruz

I coudlnt walk alone for a few weeks


Agustin Barto

I seem to remember that in AC4 when you get outside of the Animus, they mentioned that Olivier had to go to a shareholder's meeting in Chicago. Nice cross easter egg.

Cassidy Nyi-butler

You guys should do a wipe out face off

Gina Clark

Guy:I have Asbergers Syndrome

Joseph Kelley

Tony and Cowboy'd make a great movie team.

UnNamed Cloud

Face Reveal? : ( What made you do these types of videos?

No seriously.




Joey De Trinidad

Is it me or do the sounds from the ufo sound like war of the worlds sounds??


All this video did was make me feel more useless. I'm just awful at taking care of myself

Shreyas Baraskar

You always disappoint us


Happy new year!

Iced Gacha

I love food right, but it makes me feel fat so I don’t really eat much anymore


5:32 / 7:56

Dylan McKitterick

And i thought borderlands 2 looked bad on pc.. haha

Dynamic Inamyk

7:37 the clouds are pink

Aaron Perry

Why would you call your child absence


Her fault

Zero Two

sooo...where do you get that grenade?

Makayla Nguyen

Wait what about the dog!!!??? 🤔😑

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Do you guys show the that you make


How did you cheat to complete the rock easter egg?

Angletical ML/GT

Dude Perfect : So You want to join our team? whats ur recordGuy : Well i have a limo , im with many sports team including famous ones , i have 30 million+ subs and i have many gold medalsDude Perfect : Do u have world records?Guy : No...Dude Perfect : then get out Lol jk this was just a joke guys


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  • Macro Development Economics part.1 - Abhijit Banerjee (2/2)
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